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    I have promoted ladbrokes for a long time despite the very poor response times, reporting and commssions simply because of the fact it’s a big uk brand that is well respected and trusted.

    I have just got this email which to me implies that if we don’t fix your mistakes you will try to pass the cost of any fines you get to us?

    I think it’s an absolute joke, no please or thank you. The email wasn’t even signed by anyone!

    I made my own banners for featured sections which i was told by the affiliate managers “really like them, very impressive” So that was a waste of time and effort!

    Here’s the email and for me probably the last time i will ever promote Ladbrokes.

    NEW ‘RAKE RACE BANNERS’ – We now have new Rake Race Banners which are available on [url]www.ladbrokesaffiliates.com:[/url] it is imperative that the previous one with the text – ‘better than rake back’ are replaced with these new ones. The fines are massive!!!! This notice has an immediate effect and if Ladbrokes is fined between £40K and £80K and we do not want to be in a position where we have to start aportioning blame and taking any unecessary action under the terms of our contract.


    Dear GoodIdeasNoTime,

    first of all we would like to apologies for the fact that the email was not signed. This is obviously not a great way to communicate but we hope that you will understand that due to the urgency and importance of the message (fines are up to 80K!) we did this mistake in good faith as our aim was to alert immediately any affiliate that was carrying this particular ‘type’ of banner (Million Rake Race Banner that carry the sentence ‘Better than the rake back’).

    We hope you will understand that the message was sent in the best interest of everyone: we did immediately updated the banners in our system however we had to get as much as attention as possible especially from those affiliates which have coded banners themselves and that we are not able to change centrally. Far from us thinking that any affiliate is responsible for that banner issue, however we now need to have your immediate cooperation to avoid that any fine will be made.

    We have great new banners available at http://www.ladbrokesaffiliates.com and we are more than happy to assist any affiliates that has any concern or any question regarding the message sent yesterday. If this was for any reason unclear please do accept our apologies and feel free to contact us on pokeraffiliates@ladbrokes.com.

    Many thanks for your patience, understanding and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,

    Simone and Craig
    Ladbrokes Poker Affiliate Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)