What kind of celebreties?

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    Since the name of the poker is celeb I assume it is celebraties, known famous persons playing at their poker? Now offcourse this could just be a brand name but I know frome xperience that it is easier to sell poker when famous people play at a certain poker room.

    So can you give me names of famous people who have gambled at your poker?


    since when does a brand name (or a slogan) reflect the truth?

    Look at all these online casinos with :
    – Vegas in their title – that are no where near Vegas
    – Monaco in their title – that are nowhere near France
    – Grand in their title – that a two-bit tin-pot outfits that are not grand at all



    That was what I was afraid of, Mr. Gooner.


    Hi There,

    Indeed in most cases the brandname does not really reflect the truth, but in this case we do have celebrities playing for our site. The majority is coming from the UK and Australia but also from other countries like the States.

    The following Celebrities are actively playing at CelebPoker:

    – Brian Mc Fadden (singer/songwriter), former Westlife leadsinger
    – Lou Diamond Philips, actor
    – Nick Carter, singer from the Backstreet Boys
    – Paul Ince, Football player,
    – Delta Goodrem, singer

    You can find all celebrities at: http://www.celebpoker.com/backstage/celebrities/




    Delta Goodrem (an Australian) is playing at your place in open breach of the Australian laws regarding playing in online games of chance!! (gasp!!)

    Are you single-handedly trying to torpedo her career and send her to jail !!

    What does her publicity agent say about this unauthorised release of her personal habits !!

    Yeah – look I know it’s crazy – but technically your post has made her a criminal in her homeland.


    Hi Paul,

    Australians are allowed to play on the Boss media network and as far that we are aware of there is no offical ant-online bambling law that prohibits residents from Australians to play at CelebPoker.com

    Furthermore, Delta Goodrem has authorized that we can use her name in relation to CelebPoker (she is on our website) and therefore I do not think that I am ruining her career.

    Furthermore, i would like to ask you if there is an opportunity to discuss possibilities to promote CelebPoker on your site?




    Actually there is a long standing law that bans Australians from playing online games of chance (and yes that includes poker) … but no-one pays any attention …

    … unless they’re trying to get an Australian gambling license
    (such as Betfair)

    … or they’re actually set up in Australia
    (such as poker.com)

    So I guess that Celeb Poker and Boss Media have no Australian assets or intentions of setting up in Australia .. so they feel safe to ignore that law.

    It’s weird – because Australian’s and gambling go hand-in-hand … slots (or pokies), horses, sports etc … and have done for as long as it’s been a commonwealth country.

    But of course it’s all to do with state and federal tax grabs – so don’t expect common-sense to enter into the discussion.


    anyway I just just having fun with you .. and I can see Delta grinning at me from the front page of your affilaite program.


    Furthermore, i would like to ask you if there is an opportunity to discuss possibilities to promote CelebPoker on your site?

    gotta love the aff manager’s role :)

    anybody making any money with this place?

    also, do you accept US players?



    Lol, indeed I do love my job :)

    With hard work and lot of effort it is definitely possible to make money here. You always have to work hard to make good money. Unless you’re a good poker player ;)

    Unfortunately Boss Media has determined that US Players will not be accepted anymore on the network. We as Poker Room are obliged to follow these rules and will therefore not accept any US Players.

    Is the traffic to your website mostly from US origin or do you also have a lot of non-US traffic?



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