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what is this industry lacking?

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    I feel there is something missing…

    I have been having sleepless nights and working on my frown lines trying to put together a list of the most important aspects of this industry that need attention… I need some help, as I am on a mission :fencing:

    I will throw, for example, “standardized, transparent and fair terms – for both the affiliate and the operator across the board” out there first and am hoping for a whole bunch of suggestions that you guys can come up with…

    Think – what will make your life easier as an affiliate?
    what is the worst part that you hate that you wish someone else could do?
    in an ideal world you would like to see what happen? etc etc

    Your wish lists pleeez!

    Cheers, and thanks already cause I know ya gonna say lots – I hope!


    This is my own opinion as limited as it may be. But many online gamblers consider Giant Vegas to be a roque casino. I decided to check it out myself. I first phone customer support, no contact. when I did finally got through, after my 5th attempt I asked the question ” what is the sign up bonus for new players?” It took 15 minutes to reply. Well I wasn’t going to past judgement based on a phone call, so I emailed support four days later I get a response.

    I realize Giant Vegas is really trying hard to rid itself of the stigma of the RTG days, but it takes time. Personally I have never played at Giant Vegas and will not pass judgement. For me I love having a phone number to contact my afffiliates instead of playing email tag.

    For getting exposure affliates is a good way to go. But I have another option. I can only say so much about this topic on a public forum. Actual digital commercials put on a private network in the U.S. viewed by over two million people coast to coast. Thats not all, how about seeing your add on atm machines. Because this is a private network the legalities and the law firm backing it makes it a untouchable product. what about e-cos? I can offer this product to my affiliates but am to busy doing other things. I better leave it at that. greek39


    thanks greek39, and for your comments – these will definitley go through to GV :)

    I am not looking for advertising and promo here for GV or the BR properties (this is why I did not post in the BR forum), but for the honest and no-holds-barred wish list from affiliates.
    One – for the betterment of the industry, as I feel there are many areas that need improvement, and two – the ideas that will come out of debate or suggestions and maybe some of the issues that people think should not be discussed can come out into the open – whatever they may be.

    I have removed my signature to avoid being seen as pushing the aff prog – sorry!:notify:



    My wish list is quick email responses, a phone number, cell number or basically any type of means of getting ahold of my affiliate. We have had private conversations in the past. greek39


    Online gambling needs a real ibas

    95% of uk bookies are covered. In 6 years, 2 firms have left. 1 resigned and 1 was booted for non compliance.

    If Ladbrokes lost their ibas accreditation, it would be big news here in the UK and it would prove very very costly to any firm in the long run.


    I have taken your poor experience to playetech as they are responsible for support etc, and will be hearing from them shortly. In the meantime GV has offered you $25 free in your account should you decide to give them a chance :)

    Please pm me or send a mail to and I will arrange this…


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)