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What is "Scumware"?

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    Scumware? What is it?

    Please explain.



    If you go to the scumware section section on the bottom you will find many imdividual types of scumware listed.

    Scumware is also called spyware, thiefware. predatory advertising or contextual advertiisng. The latter word is one that the purchasers of predatory ads like to use, it is not a good definition here since some types of contextual advertising take place with the permission of the hosting site and thus are not at all objectionable.

    The most frequent types of scumware are popups, superimposed on your website or that of a casino. or an underlining of your text on your site, clickable and abducting your visitors.

    The reason we are so upset about it is that we pay good money and spend uncountable hours optimizing for search engines to attract targeted visitors to our sites. Then the scumware comes along and superimposes itself on our content, so our expensive visitors unknowingly click on this thiefware.

    Some scum using casinos are in the process of persuading Gator ( one of many scumware advertising vehicles) to remove ads from the top of the sites of their own affiliates.

    Thanks, but no thanks! At least those casinos will not steal the visitors that clicked on their own casino from their own affiliates site, but they will still not allow their affiliates to make money from any other link on their site. If the visitor clicks on any other link, when he gets to that casino another will be superimposed. Of course this will not have your affiliate code and you get nothing – another expensive visitor stolen.

    As a matter of fact this makes it worse – the little popup in your site gets a bored person to click, not your best prospect. The casino that pops up over your affiliate casino is stealing a very targeted visitor, one that has studied the information on your site and clicked on something he wants to try.

    Thanks but no thanks Gator!

    Scumware is on ALL OF OUR SITES!!! From the smallest affiliate who may have to go out of business because his few players are stolen, to the biggest.

    It is all of our problem, and it is HUGE!


    Thanks a lot. Very informational response.



    Thanks Dominique
    Its sad that so few people are aware of the impact scumware has on affiliates and online retailers. We owe many thanks to you and GPWA for helping educate everyone on the severity of the problem.



    You wrote the follwoing:

    “If you go to the scumware section section on the bottom you will find many imdividual types of scumware listed.”

    Sorry, but i seem to be missing it. Where can i go to find out more about this scumware and the different listed types?



    It seems to have disappeared. Let me check with the professor. If it is not recoverable I’ll repost. Thanks for pointing this out!


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)