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    I havent been able to log in to true earnings website. They say its CAP certified in their website, but I dont see them in CAP website anywhere.


    They were de-certified months ago when the owner basically skipped town with everyones money. We are owed $XX,XXX by this bunch. I was informed yesterday that there was no hope of recovering affiliate commissions due so I shut their forum area.

    I had left it open in hopes that there would be some positive development when RTG assumed control of property from the licensee. That isnt going to happen either so many of us are left holding the bag :Cry:


    I was informed yesterday that there was no hope of recovering affiliate commissions due so I shut their forum area.

    May I ask who provided you with that information, Prof?
    Do you have any information if Atlantic Lounge will be sold or closed?


    We were told by previous management. RTG has assumed control of the casino and database, its doubtful they will try to rehabilitate the casino name and even if they due RTG is not honoring liabilites for the past owner as they were stuck for Royalties and Hosting Fee’s. They also and dont feel responsible for the actions of the previous owner.


    Can you share the name of the previous owner? I’d like to steer clear of any casinos he might be involved with in the future.


    Jamie St John. He’s is from South Africa.

    He has severly damed his rep with the software providers so its unlikely he will resurface. If he does I wouldnt be suprised if it wasnt under an assumed name like “John St James”


    As far as I know Jamie was not the manager, but the owner of A.L.. Mr. Tom Davis was the manager and I do not know if he still is.
    I am still owed almost US$18k by them from winnings as a player long ago, which is why I have stay on them lately. Jamie (jamie@atlanticlounge.com) however no longer replies to any emails and his personal number in the UK (121) 2881677 only gets answered by a machine anymore.

    Jamie also owns xxxhttp://www.bluestarcommerceltd.com, fyi.

    I assume we will see another HippoJo coming soon. RTG, again my biggest kudos go to you!


    ohhh… Does anyone here live close to this address, by the way?

    Bluestar Commerce Ltd
    Jamie St John
    28 Welsh Ave
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, ENGLAND
    Ne3 1tt, GB



    Mr. St John we are here regarding some money you owe our mates

    Pol Pitt

    I think I will use it as my new wallpaper…


    I should be careful. Put these who were of disrepute in blacklist.


    Cirrus casino is the worst casino 2007 voted by casinomeister.com

    But it’s affiliate–http://www.gamblingwages.com/—still certified by CAP.

    It will sure be the next true earnings.

    Please de-certified it!!!

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