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what ever came of that Fortune fiasco on the bonus issue?

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    Hi all,

    I’m talking with a partner that is really big on Fortune.

    So I was wondering …. what ever came of that issue about them not paying people who beat the bonus scheme …… fairly….. and then wanted to cash in?

    Did they end up paying these people?

    I know there was talk about conspiracy and all that ……but the truth is … that doesn’t matter.

    There cannot be conspiracy even if there is a group that exists .. which exchanges info …. etc ….. as long as each and every one of them has not signed up more than once …. and they meet all requirements made by the casino …. (HELLO?)

    its simply the casino fault for being too stupid to not have seen something that these others discovered. You make these bonus offers .. you’d better know your shit and have covered every possible angle ….. before you put it on the table.

    well enough about that … what I really just am needing to know is …. DID fortune ever / finally do the right thing?

    thanks in advance for your replies. I really didn’t want to wade thru CM’s to find this out ……


    From what I seem to remember they threw the syndicates out and paid the individuals. Took a while to sort.


    thanks Dom for the reply.

    However I just can’t see a syndicate.. making any difference. As long as there weren’t multiple accounts created … and terms were met …. payments should be made.

    pretty simple for me. Now I am as most know . …. against bonuses … but I also beleive that if you make the offer ….. create the terms for it … then you ought to honor any body …. whether they are a group or individual …. that meets the terms and beats you fairly.

    again I note that if they were creating multiple accounts …… or some other legit reason for calling them fraud… then I think that they should be kicked out… not paid etc.

    But if they didn’t break what is the line of being true fraud . whether it was a group that shares info …. or whatever … they still met the requirements and therefore I don’t see it right to not pay them.

    So with that in mind… I guess my question re-stated is ….. was this group that was not paid ……. really guilty of fraud or did the just beat the system and Fortune didn’t like it?

    matters to me.

    thanks again for replies.


    They can’t tell you what type of fraud it was because then everyone and his brother will run and try this out.

    So you gotta either believe them or not.

    I decided to believe them. Most of the complainants in this were one post wonders and disappeared quickly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)