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What do you want out of an affiliate program?

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    I would like input from people who are looking or ar currently affiliates of casino sites. The bottom line is I would like to know what you want to see in an affiliate program. I am in the process of building a program and would like to make it as worth wild to my affiliate as possible. This is your chance as a affiliate to help make the program that you promote.


    Heres what I look for in an affiliate program:

    1. Honest Accounting
    2. Attractive Creatives that are updated frequently.
    3. Competitive Player Bonus Offers
    4. A comprehensive reporting system so I can gauge the effectiveness of my campaigns
    5. A competitive commission structure free from hidden/excessive charges
    6. Proactive affiliate support
    7. Timely commissions payouts RECEIVED before the 10th of the month.
    8. Conversion ratios must be competitive with other casinos I might have featured in those spots.
    9. Competitive player values and retention.
    10. Excellent player support for my referrals.
    11. No competiton with the sponsor via scumware or inflated bids at the PPC search engines.
    12. Honest Accounting.

    Yup, thats what I am looking for


    The professor said it perfectly.

    I really dislike bad statistics, and there is a program that I end up putting in preferred positions frequently merely becuse they have a real time “hits referrer” option. I use this to test changes to my sites.

    I also attach great value to proactive affiliate support. Personal contact with affiliate managers has repeatedly resulted in a more lucrative partnership.

    Casinos bidding for top positions on PPCs is directly competing with their own affiliates, driving up their operating costs are not my favorites. PPC bids have risen to ridiculous heights because of this, I can’t afford to pay that much per visitor.

    I do not tolerate casinos using predatory advertising. Use it and you’re off my pages. I consider this outright theft, and it doesn’t matter whether unauthorized ads are placed directly on my sites or whether my player is hijacked at the door of the casino he chose on my site.

    Player support and follow up is also one of my top items. Converting players is one thing, retaining them is another. I prefer a casino that has good player retention.


    Is through anything that you would like to see in a program that is not being offered right now? The bottom line is I know that if I keep my affilates happy they make money and I make money So I want as much input as I can get. So I can this win win.


    I agree with what Proffesor and Dominique said and I don’t know if it’s possible but I would like more news feeds I can put on my site without costing too much. There are games galore but not too many news feeds or tickers. Is that possible or am I reaching here????


    I have no problems with your suggestions and will look in to them. I do not think you are reaching and if an affiate is making money these thing sould be provided free of charge. Any other ideas will be of great help.


    As for as news feeds ect. through is a site that will give them to you free. I have not used them so I don’t know the quality but there are a few feed to choose from and they are updated weekly.



    I 100% DITTO Professor and Dominique’s remarks….

    I also want to add that the ability to contact/work with Sub Affiliates would be very attractive for an affiliate program.

    If I can communicate/have the ability to work with my sub affiliates, it only makes profit creation easier for me and ultimately for the casino affiliate program itself.

    This is not really a “pyramid scheme” approach, but rather a wholistic approach to the issue of being able to work with sub affiliates.


    The great power that we all have as casino affiliate webmasters, is, in the aggregate, the ability to drop dishonest affiliate programs/casinos, which puts them out of business…

    I know such thoughts have crossed the pages of GPWA, where boycotts of SCUMWARE sites have occurred….

    Webmaster UNIONS of this sort are invaluable, and their power must be taken seriously by would-be casino affiliate programming staff and webmasters….


    emg35, thank you for the info & link. Sorry I haven’t been around much but we are still trying to get my NEW casino portal up and running. We are getting closer, finally! Thanks again for the link to the newsfeeds, Mstgr



    Please check my post :

    “New – Need guidance on “private label” affiliate programs”

    in “General Discussion”. There is a list of things that I would like in an affiliate program.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)