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Well Hello

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    Hello everyone, (Warning: Longest Introduction ever!)
    I think it is time I introduce myself. My name is Marc and I run the website
    I created it four-five months ago and am pleased with the results so far.
    As you can see from the website it has a large emphasis on “no deposit” casino bonuses. From what I have read here, no one has anything against that (correct me if I am wrong), there is just the issue of quality traffic vs. quantity of traffic. As far as I can see based on my statistics each month, the player “loyalty” seems to be very high for a site focusing on “no deposit” bonuses. With that said, I am doing my best to help prevent “bonus abuse” and thus increase player retention/loyalty at each casino. I have created a “terms” page for each bonus that lists the terms and conditions. This feature is being used quite often and I think it is really helping to ensure that the player maximizes their chances of winning and it reduces the amount of “bonus abusers” at each specific casino. I also use LivePerson live chat on my website and have many people contact me each day with questions regarding casino bonuses. I think the main thing I have done correctly is created loyalty/friendships with the majority of my members/visitors and that is what keeps them coming back. I believe they understand what I am trying to do with the site and they do their best to respect that goal and “follow the rules.”
    Perhaps my results have been better than expected because there is some “stickiness” to my site. The forum keeps a lot of people coming back (although a large % of my traffic are not forum members). Along with that I have created an online poker tour for my forum members to reward them for visiting and also to provide the needed “stickiness” to the site.
    I still consider myself a rookie in the industry but feel I have learned many things and continue to do so each day.
    I hope that I can feel welcome here and would appreciate any comments/suggestions about my site.

    Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this!



    Hi Marc,

    Just wondering if you had a site map? As the menu you are using is JavaScript and when a search engine references your site they do not follow JavaScript links.

    I also noticed on your terms page i.e. that you are not linking to the property from this page. It may be an idea to add it in on this page so the visitor does not have to go back to the other page to go to that property.

    Just a couple of thoughts I hope may help.




    Hi Roo,
    A site map is in the works and I’ve included a banner linking to the property in the “terms” and “info” pages.
    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)