Warning: Sportingbet cheated 218.307,80€ of my affiliate revenue in less than 2 years

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    I want to make you aware of an affiliate scam, I experienced with Sportingbet.

    I`m probably one of the bigger Sportingbet sports betting affiliates and was able to send a lot of players to the brand from 2008-2012 (6797 new depositors in that period), I also brought one of the best players in the Sportingbet history (he lost 744.228,34 € in total, in roughly 7 years from May 2009 until April 2016). From 2013 on, after some Google updates and a much more competitive SEO environment until today, my intake of new depositing customers dropped (f.e. 275 in 2013, 236 in 2014) and is today in 2016 at approximately 5-10 NDAs per months (so I`m still sending them new customers).

    To save costs, Sportingbet decided to cut my account significantly. From the 1st June in 2014 a new clause was introduced, that new and old players are only getting paid for 24 months. So after 24 months, I will receive 0,00 % for every player I brought them. From that date (1st June in 2014) until today (end of April 2016), the players I acquired (1013 were active in that period) cashed in 3.187.649,88 € and generated 777.053,55 € in net revenue for Sportingbet (see screenshots). The thing is just, I received only 53.660,94 € instead of 271.968,74 € (this sum would be 35% from 777.053,55 €, it is the commission rate I had before the clause was applied). This means, that Sportingbet scammed 218.307,80 € until end of April in 2016 (in not quite 2 years) from me.

    See screenshots:
    (deposits/net revenue/total commission/player count): Screenshot by Lightshot (closer look: Screenshot by Lightshot)
    (former commission plan >35%): Screenshot by Lightshot
    (commission actually paid in that period): Screenshot by Lightshot

    I recommend highly to be careful with any “partnerships” with Sportingbet. They don’t keep their promises and are those kind of operators, which will shave you when you don`t deliver the amount of customers they expect from you. I do understand to lower commission percentages when your traffic drops, but not to cut you like this. My actual commission rate was 6.9% (this is 53.660,94 € from 777.053,55 €). In overall, this payout is even worse than with the affiliate program from bwin. Is this how you should treat partners? Nevertheless, I can imagine to work with Sportingbet again closer, if they approach me to solve this.

    What do you think about it? Please comment and share!


    I’m truly dumbfounded. Mostly at the commission you generate. Could I see your web site?

    On my opinion of your loss of commission? I’d just keep your good relationship with them. Maybe they really did not have the money to pay their affiliates. They could have lost it in Vegas or something.

    God is great!


    @PokerV 266363 wrote:

    What do you think about it? Please comment and share!

    I did a quick check and didn’t see this posted anywhere else. I know this thread is a bit long in the tooth, but you never posted if there was resolution, which is a bit disappointing.

    Did you post this on other gambling aff forums? Casinomeister, GPWA, etc?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)