Warning re migration of Bet24 players to the Unibet platform!

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    Hi, We would like to inform you of what will happen to your affiliate contract at Bet24 once the migration of Bet24 players to the Unibet platform is done on May 24th.

    What will happen to my Bet24 affiliate account

    Affiliate tracking for Bet24 customers will not be persisted under the Unibet affiliate program, however, if you have already referred a player to Unibet and that player also had a Bet24 account, the player accounts will be merged and that Unibet/Bet24 player will still be tracked to you, the original referrer of the Unibet customer.

    Your account will be closed on May 24th and all outstanding payments to affiliates settled no later than May 29th.

    Please make sure you have correct payment details in your affiliate account by latest the 24th of May. If this is not done we will not be able to make the final payment to you and any outstanding balance will be lost.

    What if I do not have an affiliate account with Unibet?

    If you do not already have an affiliate account with Unibet and would like one, please click here

    Should you have any further questions about your Bet24 contract, final payment etc, contact: support@nbaffiliates.com

    For any questions about your new or existing affiliate account at Unibet, contact: affiliates@unibet.com

    We are very sorry for any inconveniences caused by this. On behalf of Bet24’s affiliate team we would like to thank you for the great work you’ve done for us throughout the years. We wish you the best of luck for the future.

    Best Regards
    NB Affiliates Team



    You are amazing to provide this update here in the forums. Much, much, much appreciated!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)