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Warning From My Local Police

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    Being an American, living in Canada a number of things seem quite quaint.

    While the circumstances are serious, the advice is funny.

    There was a murder in our town thursday and a double murder a 100km or so east of here, all believed to be the work of one man.

    The Ontario Provencial Police warn:

    1. Do not try to apprehend, he is armed and dangerous
    2. Lock the doors to your home and cars:rolleyes:
    3. Do not open the door for strangers
    I’m not sure they let you leave the nursery ward in NYC, without knowing to lock the doors.

    It’s just so weird, having come from what was once the Murder Capital of the USA, to think anyone wouldn’t lock their doors. but here, most people still don’t.


    i can’t say anything. i’m from a place where people still leave their keys in their cars.

    is that “lock the doors” when you’re home, and inside your house?


    The word is he’s a disgruntled gambling webmaster gone on a murderous rampage

    In other news, I was attacked by a wolf at 3am the other night while doing my all night running through the woods routine


    Just a few minutes up the street from me, 3 black guys were arrested for shooting an 11 year old kid who just recently moved here with his black mama and white papa, even though it is impossible that all 3 killed him

    Where the hell am I living, I got gang warfare and hungry wolves surrounding me, and i’m still the biggest psycho in the neighbourhood with my ninja styles running through the woods at 3am wrestling wolves, and sometimes coyotes

    I need a vacation I think, when I hear these stories I just laugh, it’s not even news anymore, it happens so often

    how about CNN

    23 Christian Korean hostages held in Afghanistan by the Taliban

    that is freakin hilarious, since when are Koreans Christians, and why the hell are they in Afghanistan, what a bunch of absolute crap, I don’t believe anything anymore, unless I actually see the dead bodies for myself

    anyway, i’m sure someone will take offense to my comments, but who gives a damn, it’s the reality you helped create so deal with it


    Thanks for the laugh Nick…

    PS. we share the same interests (running around pitch black night, ninja style)…

    PPS or PSS or something that indicates that I want to do an addition to PS. I hope the Koreans get out of that alive. Stupid F&#KING Taliban.



    This is the first time I’ve read one of your more offensive posts and got a real kick out of it.

    Enjoyed it – I have no totems – and you made me laugh on a bummer of a day.

    Posting thanks,



    I’ve lived in a place where the front door was not lockable, it was the same as an internal door.

    Coyotes, wolves, are nothing compared to drop bears (real, and legendary).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)