very wierd thing with stats

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    I know what i saw and i will explain below:

    Other may want to check as this may affect them too.

    I have ONLY one player in my affiliate account and he is a healthy player.

    He has generated steady revenue for the last 2 months.

    This month he played and got me about 85 usd
    the next day he earned me around 32

    now there is no info about the 85 nor the fact that player has played that day!!!!

    plaease check into it Renee, i wish i had done a print out before hand.



    I’ve noticed that Rewards Affiliates stats seem to be very modular.

    By this I mean that when you do the monthly stats you can notice that groups of days, or data within days, can sometimes be offline.

    I don’t know if it’s when they update the data, or a programming bug, or what?

    Generally if you have problems then go back a couple of hours later and check – usually it’s worked itself out fine.


    I know what you mean and I think it’s just while they update.

    It always comes back, usually bigger and better. :)


    you were right !!

    I only posted here cause it is weekend and i would only be getting replies from forum members :)

    Everything is working fine, at least now other know incase they notice it!

    Wish you a great month,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)