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US Webmasters – Are We Facing Legal Trouble

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    Hey Everyone,
    The events of the past few weeks regarding Lycos, Overture, and now Google sheds new light on where we (US Webmasters) may be heading. I predicted the possibility of the major US search engines discontinuing online gambling advertising in the near future. For those that were GPWA members you will recall my post. I knew that when the DOJ s subpoena the media outlets and gambling web site owners that there would not be anything good come from it. Are we US webmasters possibly facing legal trouble? Where Yahoo, Google, Lycos, and many other search engines are discontinuing running online gambling advertising, what does that say to us? I am personally not at ease this morning for once in a long time with this business. If nothing else this is going to make the playing field much tougher eliminating the weaker online casinos and gambling portal owners before years end. Bottom line, this is going to hurt everyone in this business whether they do paid advertising or seo, or both. It’s a sad day indeed. :(


    It is obviously meant to squeeze us out of business, and I think it will succedd in squeezing out a lot of us.

    Some of the large affiliates who used ppc exclusively may stop the business to head for greener pastures rather than rethink everything.

    Others will just not thrive in the new environment.

    I plan to be here.


    My position was always that I’d start to worry when Google and Overture started to worry.

    I haven’t given up, but it might be a good time to diversify my websites a bit. Just in case.


    Captain I think we may be headed for trouble if operating in the US.. Not sure if they will discontinue to have gambling listing on the search but they wont let you pay for them forsure..

    Just got this from Yahoo

    with Yahoo! Express Order #30322868. We’re sorry
    to report that your site did not qualify for listing using the
    Yahoo! Express service. Yahoo! does not accept listings for
    online gambling sites. Online gambling sites are those that
    have gambling as their central theme, including those that
    accept wagers or require payment in exchange for the chance
    to win prizes, as well as sites that offer both information and
    links related primarily to the promotion of online gambling.

    For this reason, your order has been forwarded to our billing
    team for a full refund of Yahoo! Express fee.

    For billing related questions, please call (408) 530-5151
    between 6am and 6pm seven days a week PST. Please have handy
    the Order ID provided to you. For more information about the
    Yahoo! Express program, please check the frequently asked
    questions (FAQ) located at


    oh boy krystall2 that is not good … thanks for the heads up.



    Well things just seem to keep getting worse. Another big company will quit gambling ads by the end of next month. I look to see all marketing company quit very soon that are located in the US. Which will mean all will rely on the natural searches. However my fears are if they are going after these big companies left and right, when will we be next.




    I kind of doubt that they will go after us – it is more efficient to just mail a blackmail letter to a company.

    They may go after servers after they are done with engines.

    I think they will just keep pulling our tools. If then we still are standing, they may go after the better known people.



    They may go after servers after they are done with engines.

    U.S. hosting companies sounds like the next logical step for them.

    From their modus operandi, we can deduce that they have been

    targeting the giants in their niche … I doubt very much they will

    go after any portal unless they are a BIG and FAMOUS



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)