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    Is Celeb Poker going to continue to accept US players?


    Hi there,

    Unfortunately Boss Media and therefore also CelebPoker will not allow US Players anymore.

    Please see below:

    Boss Media AB cannot allow US players to access its products and services due to the forthcoming ban on Internet gambling payment processing in the United States. This means that no US players resident in the United States will be allowed to play on any of the casino, poker or lottery products licensed from Boss Media, or use any payment service provided by Webdollar. Boss Media AB estimate that the ban on Internet gambling payment processing will be enacted Friday October 13.




    or use any payment service provided by Webdollar.

    I just had a Boss affiliate payment withdrawal from Gold Club fail due to being an American affiliate.

    It would seem that Boss is prohibiting U.S. players, and U.S. Affiliates.

    Can you enlighten us on this? Should all American affiliates drop all of their Boss Casino and Poker links, or are they going to come up with a new way to pay us?

    Thanks in advance for your help on this.


    Hi There,

    Boss media cannot refuse US affiliates for the simple fact that US affiliates can target non US players.

    We at CelebPoker pay all US affiliates straight into their Neteller account and has not giving any problems as by Paying affiliates straight into their Neteller account no Webdollar services are used.

    Please let me know if I need to assist you.




    Thanks for the response, unfortunately, the casinos don’t have the Neteller option for affiliates. Only Web Dollar.
    I was hoping you might know something about this even though you are on the Poker side of it.

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been more said on it.

    Then again, it may start coming up soon.

    The withdrawal that they Labeled: failed. Comments: American Affiliate
    was initiated on October 14th, and was denied yesterday, November 27th.

    It usually takes that long for them to pay, so I wasn’t really concerned about the timeframe to be honest.

    The obvious problem is that for those of us that still carry some the casinos is that we need to know what the deal is. LOL
    I don’t think Boss are huge producers for most of us, but I always liked to carry a few of them.

    Maybe you know someone at Boss that could address this for us?


    Hi again.
    I just received this from
    It probably answers the question for us, so I thought I’d post it.
    Looks like Web Dollar will have everything in place by the 1st of the year.

    Dear Affiliates

    I hope you are still having a successful business due to the fact that we can not offer online gaming to any US customers at the moment, however I have good news in regards to our new and improved affiliate system (BAS) which offer some improvements and new features to gain your profit.

    The BAS will be implemented within the next couple of days and your username and password will remain the same. The next time you logon your account details will be automatically transferred into the new version of the affiliate system.

    The new link to the login page is:

    BAS (Boss Affiliate System)
    The BAS offers enhanced performance, live data, improved statistic, an updated user interface and a multi-tier program where you also earn a percentage of the commission earned by each webmaster you refer to our affiliate program. Each webmaster you refer becomes one of your so-called sub-partners. Our affiliate program is multi-tiered, allowing you to earn compensation based on a percentage of the commissions earned by sub-partners on as many as five different tiers or sub-levels.

    Currency conversion to Euro
    We are opening our virtual doors to an increasing number of European players so we have decided to convert our currency to Euro by December 1st. Your commission will from now on be in Euro. Commission earned before 1st of December will be converted into Euro. Any future bonuses and promotions at Casino.Net will be in Euro at a one to one rate. In another word: A US$100 sign-up bonus will be changed to a EUR100 sign-up bonus.

    Payment options
    Webdollar has informed us that they will offer new payment options to our affiliates during first quarter of 2007 meaning that you will be able to receive your commission by Neteller, credit card, Wire transfer etc.

    I am confident that you will welcome these new improvements and looking forward to a profitable season for your business.

    Kind regards
    Webmaster Casino.Net



    Thanks for informing me. I contacted someone at Boss and he told me that varies per operator and that you will need to contact them directly.

    But this email clarifies it all :)

    Are you by the way not interested to promote a very good and profitable poker site ;)




    Poker is definately on the “List”!:colgate:

    We haven’t made much of effort on poker to this point,
    but I think now is the time!:xmas:


    Sounds good. When are you thinking about promoting poker rooms?

    I think you will like our poker room and affiliate program.

    Can you maybe give me your URL so I can check out your website?

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