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Up to $70 CPA bonus

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    Hi Everyone!

    Jackpot Factory Casinos are paying BrightShare affiliates a CPA bonus on net new player growth, for the month of October 2005.

    All affiliates are eligible to receive this CPA bonus together with their regular share payments. The CPA bonus will be calculated on the net increase in the number of the new players brought by the same affiliate to the Jackpot Factory Casinos during the month of October, as follows:

    10% increase – $10 CPA bonus
    20% increase – $20 CPA bonus
    30% increase – $30 CPA bonus
    40% increase – $40 CPA bonus
    50% increase – $50 CPA bonus
    60% increase – $60 CPA bonus
    70% increase or more – $70 CPA bonus


    1. The basis for calculating the percentage increase is the September 2005 number of new players per affiliate. For all new or inactive affiliates the CPA bonus is a flat $40.
    2. If an affiliate’s new player second purchases are less than 35%, then the CPA bonus will only be paid on the number of new second purchasing players for the same affiliate.

    For example: If an affiliate brought 10 new players to JF casinos in Sept and 15 in Oct, and over 35% of the affiliate’s new players make a second purchase, then that affiliate will receive a $250 CPA bonus (5 additional new players x $50 CPA bonus) together with the October affiliate payment.

    I hope you find this promotional offer attractive!

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,



    So far the response to the October CPA bonus has been great and October is already looking like a huge record breaking month for BrightShare affiliates! So, a very big thanks to you all!!

    Here are two important updates:

    1. As corrected below: For all new or inactive affiliates the CPA bonus is a flat $40.

    2. The CPA bonus will not be combined with the revenue share in the calculation of October earnings, i.e. if by chance you have a negative rev share for the month of October you will still get your CPA bonus.

    Please post or email me any questions you may have relating to this October promotional offer.

    Thanks again for the great take up!

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)