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    Dear affiliate,

    You are right in suggesting that, in the past, you did not always get the service you were entitled to from Grand Privé Affiliates. You are right in pointing out that past difficulties, issues, technical/software hiccups and lack of personal care forced you to find a home at alternative affiliate programs. Sure thing, and we don’t blame you.

    But that was in the past. Like any good operation we have taken the big broom to Grand Privé Affiliates. A change in management, strategy, software and philosophy helping to create an affiliate program that’s in touch with the needs and demands of its support base.

    We’ve upgraded everything. What you will find at your NEW Grand Privé Affiliates is much faster and accurate reporting. Vastly enhanced affiliate support and all round improved performance – both on a technical and personal level.

    But don’t take our word for it. Pop around, try us out – take us for a spin and let us know what you think, where we can make further improvements and what, in a perfect world, you expect from your affiliate group – and we’ll move mountains to make it happen!

    Enjoy the impending holidays and we hope to see you around soon.

    Warm regards,

    Irwin & Miles


    Excellent news Irwin :hattip:

    I have always enjoyed working with you guys, the only reservation I had was with the stats and I also would like to see more banners and creatives.

    It appears the stats are running MUCH faster now so you guys are definitely headed in the right direction. Keep it up :thumbsup:


    I still get this:

    Good News!

    Our site is being upgraded to version2! Which will make Reports a lot quicker.

    Please be patient while we upgrade. Should you have any questions, please email support@grandpriveaffiliates.com




    I was finally able to log in again today and the reports are about 4 x fatser then they were.

    Try resetting CACHE on your PC. If that doesnt do it then I would say propogation is not complete on all DNS routers just yet and within 24 hours you should see the “new” site too.


    Lots of changes seem to be happening at your operation indeed…!
    With a new affiliate staff, your focus on the European market and new Casino managers, I am looking forward to see if you are able to perform better than you did in the past.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)