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ultimatebet superaccount, absolute style

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    lots of talk of this on p5’s , 2+2 and other sites… be wary folks…


    Here is an email from Phil Hellmuth and link to thread from 2+2

    Okay before I call you…….I do have some information right now as I got off the phone with a “very high up”. It does seem that there are several superuser accounts that UB has just mentioned to me. They were holding off on announcing it due to reasons I am unaware of, but apparently this is a new strand, like you suspected (and I doubted) of superusers, unlike with the AP scandal. I want to apologize, but keep in mind I was simply a “promotional” figure with them. This is an OFFSHORE company. Apparently it will be very hard to persecute, just as with the AP scandal, since the money has already been withdrawn according to “Kushal” since this did occur several months ago. They are saying that it is most likely they will be UNABLE to retrieve those funds as involved in the dispute. If you have any further questions, follow up in this email, but give it some thought. Thanks for your understanding as they will continue to work as best they can to see what can be done, however as under the agreement when downloading the software “it is an inherant risk” to play online as with any site. Again my apologies for this being pretty embarrassing personally, and also on behalf of UB, sorry for the bad news….

    2+2 forum thread
    Post with Hellmuth email

    Don’t click here!


    The 2+2 thread is horribly long and I couldn’t find anything definitive in it. Could someone from UB comment?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)