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UK White Label Affilitate ?

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    Hi all,

    Complete newbie here on this forum and am probably gonna ask the same questions as every other newbie…!

    1) Does anyone know some good Casino/Poker/Bingo/soccer sports affiliates, white page or template but based in the UK or UK modeled ie, all of the currency on the site is in GBP…?

    2) Which of the afore mentioned site types do you all have the most success with, how long have your sites been running and what (approx) do you average in income from them, is it really possible to grow them to a size where it becomes full time?

    Obviously i am completely new to this trade and any tips that any of you can offer no matter how trivial would be much appreicated…

    Thanks again

    Panch.. ;0)



    I don’t have an answer for you, but I moved your thread to the appropriate forum. It will also get exposure here for a much longer time, the general discussion threads walk of the page quickly.


    Hi Panch

    Welcome to the casino affiliate world! :)

    Brand Conversions is a dedicated gaming affiliate network working currently with: Coral, Eurobet, 32Red and Party Poker and we’ll shortly be launching with the Tote.

    I’d be delighted to discuss your white label ideas with you and see if we can help out. Please feel free to drop me a line. :)

    Best regards


    Many of the UK bookies have a £ platform for sportsbetting and casino. It becomes a little more tricky with poker because many are a part of a network of some sort. Totalbet for example. Bet365 also.

    I am new in this business as well and I have no experience with these sites.


    I am a newbie too. I have been up and running, but still developing, for about 2 weeks now.

    I am very pleased with there casino template which I have personalized myself and am still working on.
    There is a link to there affiliate program on my web site:)

    :terms: If you do like them, might as well help a fellow newbie out and sign up through my link, they have a 5% refferal program. They are also free and pay 40% with the free program.. GOOD STUFF so far.

    When I am all done with my development I plan on posting my site to

    Right Now its………:capmiami: Advertise, :chearlead Advertise, :baaa: Advertise……..:dajudge:
    Speaking of Advertise… Help a newbie out and check out my links page there is a traffic program there that I believe to have great potential…..We’ll See…Cant wait to see…..


    OK just a little update about my white label casino.

    I am still happy:) Things are going great and my site is slowly coming along.

    If your interested sign up and be my affiliate. If you have a good gambling affiliate then I can sign up for them as well.

    PM me.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)