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Ty Lou!

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    Hi Bud,

    I’ve put this off far too long and apologize for not saying sooner….. I very much appreciate the extra room in the pm section.

    I like to think I help you as much as you help me. I’ve stood up for you in many instances and will continue to do so …… and on the times I felt you were wrong … I still stood up for you saying you should be judged on a whole and not on one subject.

    That is the best integrity you’ll ….. or anybody else will ever get from me. And I know at times I’ve been out of line and appreciate the fact you have chosen to judge me on the whole and not on one ill-approached post I’ve made.

    I thank you sir.

    Steve Briggs. / your loyal poster and reason I got kicked out of GPWA was trying to keep your presence there. (don’t know if you knew that or not … but its the truth). …..well Cappy was also a reason. I didn’t want to see either of you leave. lol. ended up getting myself outed but I’ve never regretted my actions or my integrity about the whole mess.


    Thanks BB1. :hattip:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)