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Trish Signing Out

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    Gday All,

    I know you’ve all heard this before, but I am posting today to let you all know that I will be finishing up with CPS and Casino Action as of August 24th.

    My move will take me out of the industry and I know that you’ll be in safe hands with Jon.

    I have been with CPS/Casino Action for the last 6 years (yes I did leave that one time before, but Im pretty sure that qualifies as a holiday).

    Here are the highlights of the last 6 years:

    – becoming forever known as ‘snake girl’ from the Amsterdam show in 2005.

    – sharing the joy of aussie slang with unsuspecting affiliates/affiliate managers and always getting a giggle out of it.

    – sharing the unofficial award for drunkest aussie with Roo in Miami last year.

    – trying to remain serious during a midget sheep shearing competition over dinner.

    – getting to the london eye only to be told that it was “broken down” and we couldn’t get on it, the drive there was lovely.

    – sharing many lunches, beers, coffees and dinners with nearly every single one of you.

    – having the flu for the entire of CAP Miami and only being able to hear out of one ear forcing me to turn to one side to hear people talking to me.

    – 26 hour plane rides to spend the weekend with my lovely affiliates.

    – constant states of jetlag after said 26 hour plane rides.

    – drinking far too much and having to be out of bed at 5am to setup our stand for conference mornings.

    – making a heap of new friends who I hope to stay in touch with in the future.

    My years here have been nothing short of an absolute blast, like being on the best rollercoaster in the theme park.

    I have met some amazing people, seen amazing places and done amazing things and I thank all of you for allowing me to enjoy all of this with you.

    I wish all of you the very best for the future.




    TRISH darling,

    After all this time i was convinced i would have a good few years still to site see and check out the bars with you and Erol *wink*

    I wish you all the very best in your new venture, i know you will bring them as much joy as you did us, and best you stay in touch, we have far too much fun still to have, see you in Dec i hope!!!

    Go get em girl…………..we will definately be missing you this side.

    Katy :roflmao:


    Trish this is positively heart breaking!!! Say it aint so. :Cry:

    I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors. You will be sorely missed.

    Please dont forget your mates here at CAP. Pop in once in awhile and let us know how you are doing.

    When the time is right I hope you come back and join us in the Online Gaming Dungeon, we will keep the torches burning for you.




    I will miss you…..and…sh**!!!!

    You listed some very good time for sure!

    I loved the sheep shearing..rofl!!! and i am not surprized you had hard time keeping straight face.

    You take care of yourself…and keep in touch!!





    Trish, you better stay in touch or I’ll have to come over there and hunt you down and shit!

    ( Gotcha, you smiled :) )

    Seriously, keep me up to date about yourself and your kids! And have FUN! I will miss you a lot in Barcelona.

    Who else is gonna drape snakes over me? Who will meet me at places that are closed and take me on trips across town to stand in line someplace just turn around and go back home? Who is going to contribute to my Koala collection now? Who will infect me with the mother of all flu viruses? Who is gonna make Donna shear sheep?

    I could go on and on, because everything we ever did was memorable. No cookie cutter stuff for you!

    All my best and I know you will shine wherever you are headed.

    Do keep in touch.

    PS. and shit


    Sad news! I was just about to get back into CPS also. I sent guys a email about it to but never got anything back… I did not know you were leaving though so that explains a lot :)

    With whatever your going to do I wish you the best! You were a very fun person to be around.


    Trish! I don’t even know what to say! :Cry:

    I guess first of all, I’ll say thank you… for everything. I have some really nice memories that I’ll keep with me forever, thanks to you. Vegas 2005, CAP Miami 2006, and London earlier this year… just wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    I remember being in that sheep shearing contest in Miami… I went up against the Captain’s daughter, Melissa. She won, but you gave me a stuffed emu bird anyway — I still have it. :)

    Good luck with your next adventure — I hope it’s a lot of fun. Please stay in touch! :cheers:



    Very Sad news! Keep in touch Trish


    Hey Trish,
    It was a great pleasure meeting you and having the fun times. I wish you the very best in your future ventures. You will always be remembered by the Captain and crew. Please stay in touch.




    though we never really got to know each other….. you were the reason I gave CPS another chance.

    can’t say it worked out. but can say …… I won’t be eager to continue my promotions of CPS now that you’re leaving.

    agree with Prof and Dom. stay in touch . let us know how you’re doing.

    best of luck and yes ….. I agree……. you’ll shine in whatever you choose to go after.


    Best of luck!!! :wavey:


    Hey Trish, sorry to hear you’re leaving – you will be missed!!


    Heya Trish,

    like BB1 , we never met closely,
    but be sure i know who you are!!!
    you are not like the others, you are kinda special…

    i wish you all the luck and happiness in your future!

    and please…. stay the one you are!


    What a shock! Trish you will be missed and thanks for all you have done!:wavey:


    Yay! This is fantastic news.

    Oops…wrong thread :tongue:

    All the best Trish and make sure you take your MSN with you – at the very least I need to know what music you’re listening to every day ;)



    PS…you could still get Brian to sneak you off to Macau in November!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)