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TITLE: Earn up to 43% Lifetime RevShare with DOXXbet, Now Live on CAP!

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    DOXXbet Affiliate Program offers the chance to promote with 100+ casino games, LIVE dealer games, Poker and Sportsbook, and exclusive bonuses on all products.

    DOXXbet also offers:

    • Quick transactions (credit cards, moneybookers, netellerm przelewy, cardpay, bank transfers to different banks around Europe and more)
    • High quality of customer support
    • Weekly and monthly competitions and special promotions
    • High rewards in DOXXbet affiliate program for partners
    • 10 different language versions of all pages

    Learn more about the DOXXbet Affiliate Program by clicking here, or just sign up now!


    Great to see more Live betting options for Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat as well as sports betting.

    I see someone won 95,085 Euros on ‘Angels Touch’ slot.
    I like the demo play on those games too!


    Doxxbet is a bunch of crooks with a financial problems. Nothing less nothing more. They always were paying with minimum 1 month delay, but it wasnt tragedy. But now …

    First – what they offer on main page?

    • Up to 43% profit share
    • No monthly negative carry over

    But they have negative carry over, ultra predatory rule of 5 active players (they individually decide whats mean “active”, and when player should be active) and not clear terms like from Wild West.

    I had 6 active players in September and they should pay me 2800 euros.
    First they informed me about new negative carry over rule and deducted 800 euros.
    Next, they informed me that 6 active players in September is not important fact , because they want from me also 5 active players in October.

    Next …. yes, yes…. after 7 days from informing me about new rules they closed my account.
    Who knows, but let me guess : Rule 5.2 of their terms – i was obscenic, i was spammer, i had pornographic materials on my websites or simply incorrect metatags.

    And now lets a look at their ridiculous emails:

    Doxxbet 1:

    “Dear partner,
    We would like you to know about a change of the terms and conditions of affiliate program of DoxxBet company. The changes mainly concern the payment system, which is changing to the date of 08/01/2012 prior “default commision” to “Negative carryover” for all affiliate partners DOXXbet in accordance with Section 6.11 of Affiliate contract. We would like to draw your attention also to change of the conditions in paragraphs 5.2 and 6.16 Affiliate contract – DOXXbet – Affiliate Program –

    Doxxbet 2 :

    From our statistics I can tell you, that your Total reward for aug.-sept. is 2009,01 e.
    However, you did not have 5 active players in this time, so the commision may only be paid after meeting this condition.

    My answer:

    And whats mean the term “active” ? Im trying to find explanation in terms but i cant. Which column in statistics is related to that term? I see last month 13 registered , 3 depositors and 6 active.



    You need to have 5 active players in october to get paid. Under term active it is ment, that player needs to make any gaming activity on his account (generally betting).


    5 active players or you dont get paid? THATS PATHETIC !!!! CAP why are you accepting money from a company like that?

    Sure I understand idea that if they are transparent and its in the terms its an affiliates choice, but damn those are horrible terms! Who the heck brought them the 4 active players or even the 1 active player if thats the case?


    Howdy community!

    We’re reaching out to Doxxbet to address these points. Thanks Arkyt and Ramman for your feedback. We’ll keep you all posted on a response.



    Hi everyone!

    No response yet from our contacts but this may be due to BAC, we’ll try again and keep you all posted. :)


    Last and very positive update.

    The whole misunderstanding was cleared up. I was contacted by an experienced manager and every disputed case has been solved very fast.

    I did receive payment and statistics working perfect now.

    I see also that any misleading / old information from affiliate page 1 have been corrected.
    So (unfortunately) originally i spoke negatively about them, but now I can put Doxxbet as a perfect model of behavior in any case of dispute/missunderstanding.

    They promised also to consider/change? very fast this unfortunate “rule of 5 players”.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)