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thoughts please

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    I really resent that she turned this around to make it sound like I said to her to never post again because everyone knows I am not like that at all and would never say something like that when it is not my place to do so in the first. Here is my mail to her that I sent..

    Hi there

    Hey girl how are you? Seems like times are getting tough on all of us all with the economy the way it is. Really not sure how to put this without hurting your feelings but you cannot keep posting at CAP the way you do for money help, it is starting to become a habit and making other webmasters feel very uncomfortable.
    I wish you luck and hope all the best for you, there are many who are willing to pay you to do things like articles etc, maybe that should be your avenue for help, by working to do all that you can with your talents. I suggest that you post in the room for services needed or performed I am sure many will employ your services.
    Wishing you all the best,
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    That’s to bad that she did that to you Christine. :( It’s a bad situation and I’m sorry that you’re trying to do a good thing by telling her what you did and then to see her post something like that.

    BTW I think she should have said moderator and not staff! I’m staying out of it because I know she is hurt, but that is not cool.


    Luckily the post was Vague. Let me reel it back in if I can.


    Cool thanks, Robin can you contact me on messenger?


    Ok, I’m going to send her a PM.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)