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This is getting ridiculous – Still certified

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    The stats report all zeros.

    The website hardly runs.

    There is nobody showing up here to respond to us or replying to our emails.

    And they are still certified??


    I believe they are suppose to be here to communicate with affiliates, this is the reason they were certified.:Cry:

    I do have #’s showing this month btw


    Well I tried the ‘take a poll’ option and Gordon responded – he’d listened and valued affiliates input.. well sadly it would appear obviously not willing to do much about it :( but well notreally such a surprise after all these years lmaooo hehehhee OH BAD ME! Always having a go at GrandPrive… with obviously no good reason – I just can’t see my stats… no big deal as an affiliate eh? ;) lol lol lol

    Gimme the job for a week (for free!) and I’ll get them them development peeps into order lol !!


    Guys I have been on the road almost all month. I just got back tonight after being in the mountains for 10 days.

    I will contact Gordon and find out what’s going on. Obviously the tranisition from Referspot to Grand Prive Affiliates is NOT going as smoothly as everyone would have prefered. That being said they have been a top notch group for years and I fully expect them to get all the kinks worked out and return to a high level of service.

    Hang in there and we will find out whats happening tomorrow.


    Respected, indeed Prof, but the suggestion of just running the old and new side-by-side is not a big IT achievement having worked in various data-heavy industries – almost standard procedure… and just to keep even a few affiliates happy (IMHO) would have been a quick and easy quiet to this whole subject.. :)

    Thanks for listening :)


    Back in the day they sure were top notch no doubt about that, man those were the good days….:wavey:


    Amen to that!


    i checked just now
    page loads not so slow anymore
    and i see stats
    but somehow i just have no luck with that group
    i have 8k in purchases and earnings are 0,00
    oh well, maybe 1 day i have a super month there


    Wow another one that can see their stats…

    Just re-tried .. and well it was a tiny bit quicker logging in … clicked on reports… (oh the anticipation)..

    Didn’t even entertain me with waiting a few minutes this time..


    “Unable to retrieve Report data at this time. Please try again in a few minutes.

    Close Report “

    LOL – ah well … maybe some time some day …

    Ever hopeful ;)



    Hi all,

    as many know …. I say it as I see it. I don’t whitewash anything…… not even with Rewards Affs whom have treated me very well over the years.

    Grand Prive …… whatever they call themselves……. have been pushed way back on my sites in the past because frankly I could never tell if they paid for whatever reason… in the early years it was likley just due to being late ..

    anyway …. then we entered the age where programs often times have to hide WHO they are … and to make this point .. I have just recently been asking in several places who sent checks from a place called ……. well shit. ….. I’m afraid to say here because just glancing up …… I see we’re not in private forum area……. Mods ……please correct me if I am wrong that those in Certified programs area is not private…… may well be.

    anyway ….. getting back to point. I had all but taken down GP as far as an y kind of promotion goes other than their being listed on my page where I list all the casinos I trust to pay players.

    They very much surprised me more than once by sending payments (and these ones i knew to be from GP) …. and I’ve considered more than once giving them better spots since then …….(and that was some time ago) ….

    however then they had the incident with bella vegas and the under age girl in Vegas …… Not going to go into that but it put a bad light on them from some perspectives and that …… along with never really knowing when they were paying me …..(or if) …. because of all the turmoil…. (not blaming them on the issue not knowing where a payment came from) …. but it was enough to choose to not promote them aggressively.

    Now all this said. I have at times recieved payment since then. There are many programs out there that dump your residual income as soon as they think you’re not promoting them anymore ……. and I can say for certain that this has at times …… happened even when I still had some banners.. text links up to the programs that dumped me….. *note: dumped means not necessarily that your account was locked ….. but you sure stopped seeing any kind of income despite a regular (albeit a small amount or else why would you have dumped them in the first place?) amount of income coming from these places.

    So I’m not here to defend GP.

    Just telling it like I’ve seen it. And any time I see any income come from a place that I moved to the back ….. or felt was not worth listing …. and I see income from them some time later on …… well I feel it worth mentioning on their behalf.

    Now I admit that may be because they’re trying to “buy” their way back onto my sites. But I have since the loss of PPCs…… had limited traffic … surely no INCREASE in traffic ……. so those that show such instances ….. get this sort of honest post.

    I cannot and do not say I know whether their a wonderful sponsor. BUT as always …… I WILL say whether to my good or bad …. (and btw: not making anything with them to my knowledge anytime lately) …. how I saw things at the time of my observations.

    I think it has merit. I had one point in time where I had unlisted (for almost all parts …. only those I missed not taken down) …. Referback links.

    They went on to … a few months later …..actually make more money than any place I had listed …… or even promoted aggressively. Of course ….those days are long gone…… but I will say things as I seen ’em. No grudges…. no hidden agendas. the truth.

    That said……. I wish all those I have seen fallen off would pick up :)

    okay,…. the lighter side ….. put aside. these are the truths as I have experienced them.


    Well I got a check in the mail for a good chunk of change that I am going to assume is from them. It was from Las Vegas Nevada anyone else get that?


    Ok, I had to move the thread.

    PLease do NOT mention payment methods, bank names and the like in Public threads!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you see any of this happening, please PM me asap so I can move the thread.


    Hi all (GH)

    actually i got message from Gordon just yesterday that a couple checks i’ve been trying to run down who they came from for the last 2 or more weeks … were in fact from GP.

    They came out of a bank in Montreal.

    if you’d care to PM me ….. I can give further info.

    Not saying the checks you got weren’t from them …. but that was certainly not my experience.

    and if anybody from VA is listening … still waiting to hear from you.



Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)