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The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association

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    Does anyone know if there is any proof they filed the injunction in Federal Court? Have they filed it yet? I cannot seem to find a official copy of the “Complaint”



    UFC911 put out some more info here:

    US Government Receives Summons Regarding UIGEA Complaint can reveal that the Department of Justice, US attorney in Newark, NJ, FTC and Federal Reserve have been served by the US Circuit Court in NJ to respond to a complaint filed by Internet trade organization, The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association.

    That organization is seeking an injunction against the enforcement of the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006” (UIGEA).

    As a quick run down, the UIGEA holds banking institutions responsible for coming up with a system to prevent the processing of payments to online gambling businesses. The banking institutions had 270 days to come up with a plan, converse about these plans and make any necessary changes. That 270 day period is supposed to be up by mid-July. This request for an injunction essentially will temporarily stop the banks from having to enforce whatever policies may have been created over the past few months until the courts can hear all arguments against the UIGEA. Assuming the IME&GA’s request is accepted by the court (the chances are very good that it will be), then that looming mid-July deadline date basically gets extended.

    The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association does have limited funding at this time. All initial funding has gone towards getting this complaint filed in the Courts in addition to administrative necessities. As a 501 (c) 6 trade organization, it is not-for-profit and anyone offering support of their efforts can remain anonymous by law.

    So the complaint has been filed. I looked at the NJ District court and Findlaw but it has not been published as of yet. Would sure be nice to read the actual court filed document.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)