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The Good Guys

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    This thread is for Online Casinos who wish to post their position on Scumware advertising. We encourage you to support the partners that have taken the high road on this issue.


    Recently the debate around the use of what has come to be known as ‘Scumware’ advertising has reached fever pitch. At this time, we at Wager Junction feel it is important to make our stance clear.

    Wager Junction does not engage in the use of, nor advocate the use of Scumware. This decision has been in place for some time and is not a recently introduced damage control measure or PR exercise.
    Our casino and bingo partners have agreed to this policy too.

    We want to encourage affiliates to promote our merchant partners to the best of your ability, safe in the knowledge that we won’t suddenly change our policy or penalize you should you experience a slower month. We will gladly work with you in any way possible to make sure that your commission grows each month. In fact, February has been an incredible month for many affiliates, with the number of ‘whales’ brought in at an all time high. All our merchants have excellent offers and provide fantastic customer service that will appeal to your traffic. So get in on the action.

    In an industry where faces are rarely put to names, trust is an elusive yet extremely valuable commodity. We therefore ask that when you are next faced with a dilemma about who should promote you, give us a fair try.

    Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any further queries or suggestions.

    Best regards
    Anton Levin
    Affiliate Manager


    Thank you, Anton, for posting this.

    It is so good to hear from casinos that value their affiliates and won’t steal from them.

    I am sure many smart affiliates will prefer doing business with you to doing business with casinos who turn around and place unauthorized ads on affiliate sites.

    Not to mention that Grand Aces is doing a wonderful job with my whales. :D

    Thanks, again!


    As with Wager Junction, Focal Click casinos have never used or condoned the use of scumware.

    As Anton stated above, trust is extremely important in this business since most of the business is done via email with little or no face time.

    It has been difficult enough with all the transaction hurdles we’ve encountered in the past year or so. We needn’t turn to thievery in order to make up for lost revenue due to transaction problems.

    Affiliate Manager
    Focal Click


    Thank you Frank.

    Focal Click, like Wager Junction, have not used parasitic advertising even though they themselves have been targeted.

    This takes special devotion to their affiliates, and we sure appreciate it. :D

    I have given both Focal Click and Wager Junction prime positioning on my sites to show my gratitude, and I have not regretted it.



    Casino Paycheck and AngelCiti’s position on Predatory Advertising is very simple:

    We have never participated in predatory advertising and never will.

    AngelCiti (AGLC) has long-term strategies in mind which include strong partnerships with Casino Paycheck affiliates. Predatory advertising is unethical and very short-sighted.

    Casino Paycheck Affiliate Director


    February 27, 2003

    Casino Affiliate Programs

    Re: RichWebMaster Endorses CAP Stance Against “Scumware/Spyware”

    RichWebMaster, a leading affiliate marketing program for the gaming industry, has released a statement denouncing the use of “scumware/spyware” – a specialized software product enabling predatory advertising.

    RichWebMaster has never endorsed in the use of predatory advertising practices or technologies. Furthermore, the program’s gaming clients are also strongly opposed to the use of such predatory methods as they harm the interests of the entire industry. For these reasons, RichWebMaster offers its support for the CAP’s stance on this critical issue.

    The RichWebMaster Team


    I am glad to see these first rate programs support us this way.

    Who needs to advertise programs that turn around and steal from us? Nobody.

    With all the previous clean, affiliate friendly programs that bother to come around and speak out for us, and on top of that represent some of the best, honest and best converting casinos on the net, we have plenty of programs to promote.

    And there are more to come, too!


    Hi guys,

    we have posted this elsewhere but an affiliate asked me to post it here as well.

    Dear Affiliates,

    I am proud to say that reason has won over quick returns. CasinoRewards will no longer use scumware as an advertising medium. Due to contract issues we cannot turn it off on all of the casinos immediately but instead will have to phase it out. The reason for this is that with a lot of advertising we lock ourselves in long term contacts to lower the price. With both Gator and WhenU the contract period is very long and we would forfeit a lot of money if we stopped the campaigns immediately. Currently Strike It Lucky, Golden Tiger Poker, Zodiac Casino, and Lucky Emperor will stop advertising with scumware by the end of this week. Blackjack Ballroom will stop the end of April, and Golden Tiger Casino and Virtual City Casino will stop at the end of May. I know this is not the perfect solution but I believe our program is the only one willing to work with the affiliates and give a definite timeline and stay true to it.

    Please realize that I was able to convince the owners of the casinos to stop using scumware by telling them that the casinos will profit from putting this policy in place. With all business decisions it comes down to which will make you more money. I have convinced the owners that you guys will make up the lost revenue from dropping scumware. It was not an easy argument to make, so please do not prove me wrong. I need you guys to make a major push so I can pat myself on the back…

    Remember that we have honest tracking, no cookie tracking issues, negative balances do not carry over, nor does a negative balance in one casino effect the positive balance in another casino, no hidden casinos to scrape players away, you earn a flat 35% with no deductions for promos or software royalties, and now we do not advertise with scumware.

    I feel all of these policies make us stand high above the other programs out there.

    As always I will be behind you guys, just let me know what you need from us and I will try to make it happen.

    Best Regards,

    Brent Smith


    And here I though it was something Casino Rewards was doing that was affecting my traffic numbers…..only to find out it was something that Casino Rewards (had already done) that is affecting my traffic numbers.

    I’m looking forward to when I will actually get credit for ALL traffic I send to Casino Rewards properties.


    Hi Brent,

    Thanks for posting.

    Of course we understand that contracts need to be phased out, and we are very happy to see you and the owners making this good faith effort.

    We are sure that you will not regret this decision, in the long run Gator is just not a working business model. It is bound to fail, be it from lawsuits or from putting the affiliate sites it steals from out of business.

    Affiliates appreciate your sincere effort and I am sure you will see it reflected in your earnings. :)


    Hi to you all,

    Below you can find Club Dice Casino position regarding Scumware, this can also be found on our site.

    “We forbid all advertising methods called “scumware” – Gator, WhenU and others.
    Any affiliate caught using those methods will be banned from our program.
    We reserve the right to take legal action against this particular affiliate.
    Note that we have powerful means to analyze the traffic coming to our site and we’ll be notified as soon as one click comes from such platform.
    We also invite you to notify us if you come across such abuse.”

    For those of you who wish to talk to me about it, you are more than welcome to send me an email ay any time.

    Plus, I will be in Amsterdam to answer to all of your question regarding this issue in the show closing panel.


    Thanks Yael!
    That is indeed good news. I hope that all affiliate programs follow the example of Club Dice and help stamp out scumware abuse!



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