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Suggestion for the forum

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    I do not know about anyone else – but I often drop by here to check out the buy and sell section in case I have any interest in new sites or various other things.

    However I am noticing posters are listing things for sale with no price. Always the same ole line of “make your offers”. Often you have to pm back and forth for days to find some kind of information and most of the time these guys are angle shooting just trying to jack up prices saying they have other offers of higher ect..

    I really like CAP but this is one of the things that really makes me sick and frustrated. There is no control over the that section – like its not moderated and there is no control.

    Its post whatever with no reasoning – just a free for all.

    I suggest some rules be put in place so that if your going to use that section for selling things at least have the common sense to post a MIN and BIN price – or list it as an auction style.

    Also things like how old the site is, revenue it generates, back link profile and important things that we need to know in order to make an educated value of the site.

    That section alone drops the value of this forum significantly for me – I feel as if there are just shady sellers all over the place here.

    Getting tired reading them LOL


    edit: maybe go with Enke’s style over at PAL – it works generally perfect most of the time. That goes for advertising sales/sites ect…


    Hi GFPC:

    I really, really appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback. (I hope it’s ok, but I did move this to the feedback forum.)

    I will absolutely discuss this with the team and see what we can do to improve this section. you bring up some great points, and by all means we always want to make sure that all of our members are enjoying their visit. NEVER do I want to hear that anything is frustrating. We will figure this out!

    More to follow…


    Oh i did not see this section – sorry for posting in wrong section. Maybe its just me – but I spend allot of time over at PAL and buy/sell stuff all the time between other webmasters and everything runs super smooth most of the time. Here its like everything takes weeks and its all so cryptic – generally cant get straight answers from people and of course I have very little trust. It just doesn’t feel right here the sales threads and my fear i guess is most other long term affiliates feel the same way. Its hard to do any sort of business here on a serious level


    GFPC I’ll also look into some ways to improve this. Just to confirm, you are referring to this section right? Buy & Sell Casino Websites, Gambling Websites, Domain Names, Links, and Articles


    Yes that section :-).. maybe first see if others have the feeling as I do. As i said it could just be me who feels this way and in that case not worth fixing – LOL.

    I just feel some rules could be put in place to make it more professional and easier to do business. As it is now when posters list things they do not give information and it takes several attempts to try and squeeze them for more info.

    Anyways thanks so much for taking the time to listen.. :-)


    I think there should be some rules for it also


    Yea i totally agree its just a free for all currently. I dont even look past the sales threads with “make me an offer”.


    I wonder if anyone makes any sales from the way it is now – and if there would an increase if some type of price was mandatory.

    It sure would make reviewing it easier.
    I might even end up buying something (or even selling if I see people are getting a good price).


    Well the problem i am seeing is allot of shady type sales threads where some people are trying to sell things for huge amounts and in return offer basically nothing. That would be in the website sales area. They offer no prices and offer no stats, sign up numbers and rev stats. Basically selling sites that do nothing for bizarre amounts. I highly doubt any sane person has bough something from these threads.

    Also the sales of advertising is just brutal – its full of (i dont want to say it – geographical) sellers using spammy networks with 100s of existing L’s already on the pages – just rubbish and trash.

    It looks high suspicious all the time and lacks any sort of clarity. I just hate to see this forum being used like this. CAP was once a thriving community and I used to do wonderful deals on here all the time.

    Now I just wanna cry sometimes when i see some of the offers being posted.

    The best way to describe it is its a FREE FOR ALL.

    I guess I am feeling like pointing it out because i was not sure anyone noticed or had issue with it.

    And i suspect its one of the reasons why the activity level here is low. Not to sound so negative but if webmasters can do good business here and have a professional place to sell and buy things they will contribute more positively in other areas.

    Just a thought


    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to bring an update… We are currently researching solutions for the forums to improve this section based on all of the great feedback you’ve provided. As we’ve been getting things figured out on our end, it’s taking a little bit longer than anticipated. We just didn’t want you to think that we’ve forgotten about this. We certainly have NOT.

    Working to make this as best as possible, more user friendly and hopefully better for everyone. More to follow on updates (hopefully) soon!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)