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suggestion for afff programs / managers

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    Hi all,

    you know I have several programs that I am constantly not sure if they paid me or not because payments often arrive coming from a name I’ve never heard.

    I’m quite certain I am not the ony one feeling as such.

    Sadly …..especially for those that have paid but I couldn’t figure out that it came from that sponsor …. they’re links are taken down.

    Did it ever cross anybody’s mind that if you think there’s a chance your partners won’t know a payment came from you ….. to send out an email stating ….”hey! just paid you. will come in as having been sent by joe!”

    because I for one do not screw around when it comes to getting paid. if I think i didn’t get paid …. your links come down.

    and when you consider the number of programs out there .. expecting us to match up the numbers that come in with the numbers on each respective sponsor’s site ….. is taking a foolish approach if you ask me.

    If I paid …. and I would …. and I knew the payment was going to arrive under a different name than my aff program’s …… I’d be making sure my partners knew that payment had come from me.

    get my drift?

    thanks for taking time out to read.


    Really a good suggestion.

    I have the same problems sometimes.

    It will make me feel better if they can give me a notice though I know who they are at most times.


    It would seem easy enough to include a form letter with the payment indicating who sent it. That’s even less of a hassle for the affiliate. (I don’t want to spend any time cross referencing emails with checks, personally.)

    But yeah, getting checks from companies and not knowing who they are is just silly at this point.


    I just got my referback check and they sent a formal letter with the check it sure helped being the check came from north korea and went through canada.


    I’ve found that just going through at the end of the month and writing down the amount I earned on a piece of paper for the top 10-20 sites I promote helps. Once a check or bank wire comes in you just go down the list, match up the amount, and check it off the list. At the end of the month if you see someone hasn’t paid you send an email. Pretty simple.

    I feel sorry for those who have payments scattered among more than 20+ affiliate accounts. :crazy:


    Hi again all,

    well the thing is ….. is that for instance Vegas Affs … I don’t have a clue if they’ve paid me or not. and since when.

    so I just took down their links.

    when you start runnning into multiple months and I imagine many others are like myself and have a lot of stuff they pay for online which makes my bank statement at the end of each month a small novel.

    Going thru and trying to figure out whether I got paid (via wire transfers) is a nightmare for me but its the only option available for me from vegas affs.

    now eco card I can log in an see who paid and those places stay listed.

    but it is not uncommon for me to have several amounts that are close ….. as I have a few other irons in the fire and these endeavors often pay about what I make from VA (as I don’t make a ton with them … though at one time i thought they really had promise) … those days are gone and like I checked my stats there the other day and for april I think is was around $500 and May was less than that. well that kind of money falls into the category of some of the other things I get coming in and then throw in not knowing what the name is that they’re paying .. (or suppose to paying) under .. and it gets to a point where the money isn’t good enough to justify my spending half a night going thru the books to match things up.

    yes I might be losing a bit by dumping them but I can’t help but think they lose more in the end than do I …. but I’d make an effort to keep them listed if they’d make a better effort to … first pay (?) and second not make me feel like I’m doing my damn taxes for the year every month in order to know whether I actually am getting paid.

    big payments coming in … I can spot easily and no prob. so I guess they either need to pick up the pace considerably or lose exposure because my time is worth more than what they are currently making me a month and then try and figure out whether they paid me.

    I guess I’m lazy but I can afford to be at the current income vegas affs is making me. I simply won’t waste time wading thru all that I have on my statements to justify making a couple hundred dollars.

    well it was just a suggestion. but I guarantee that if I’m going to error when talking these amounts … I will error to the side that won’t make this a bother to me again next month.

    Or they could simply let me know under what name the money is being sent and perhaps we could work together and get that income up to a point where I’d recognize it easily :)


    Brilliant Suggestion!!! I know I’ve removed listings in the past because I didn’t think the program paid me when in fact they did. I just didn’t figure out which program had sent me the particular check at the time.


    It could be that, once an obvious connection is made between XYZ Casino and a certain payment processor, the payment processor will no longer be able to do business with the casino, due to the current legal situation. Unless I’m missing something, I think it makes sense to not include this information with the check.


    i 2nd your call BB1!

    been wondering about that for a while now since i’m always losing track of “who,when,how much”.

    IMHO, psychologically, it’s the best email an affiliate could get saying “you’ve just received XXX from XXX, congrats on good work and keep it up!”…

    what blunders me is that how the fuck are affiliates supposed to know who the payment comes from with so many unidentifiable company processing names…

    and NOWHERE (in the aff. program) is it ever mentioned who the payment will come from! which i can understand, but then again, let me know when you sent the payment and i will check if it’s right or not…

    as an affiliate, i’ve been struggling with this non-sense since birth (err…business birth) and i still don’t understand the nonchalant approach of most companies that send payments from god knows where…

    that thread of “mystery payments” helps a lot, but still. think about it…if you ever receive payment from ANYONE, they let you know that it was THEM who sent you money with that exact amount….not in the gambling affiliate business!

    looks like this is the only industry where payments are sent one way and nobody gives a fuck anymore… :rockband:


    BB1 for president!


    US customs DO open checks. It happened to me and several others I know about.

    Including that info is hazardous to future payments.

    The processors get on a “blacklist” that is distributed to the banks, and then the payment method doesn’t work anymore and we cry even harder.

    There is a continuous cat and mouse game between the casinos and the banks these days.

    Disclosing payment methods even here on this board is hazardous.

    Putting a processor name in an email originating form the casino is hazardous.

    I now it’s a pain, but the less becomes public the better.

    Don’t think for a second that this is not being watched.

    It is really annoying, we make a legal living in online advertising and our own government tries to keep us from getting paid for it. I guess it would be preferable if we all went on welfare.



    i completely understand what you are talking about, but isn’t it possible to email affiliates saying that a check/neteller/WT/or whatever has been dispatched to them in the sum of $XXX ? no need to give a name, just an amount would be good enough…

    this is what would make it so much easier!


    As long as the processor name is not included…

    There are businesses doing intelligence like this for the banks, like this one: xxxxx n%20ACH%20&%20Wire%20Transfers%20with%20Leading%20 USA%20PATRIOT%20Act%20Compliance%20Software.&gclid =CPze8LDG3ooCFQgTWAodU1972g

    I don’t even feel comfortable with the mystery payments forum, which is in the private industry section. (I moved this thread there by the way, all members can see this – affs and managers – but non members can’t.)


    some excellent points Dom that I didn’t think of …

    I would think that at least an email (Bulk) could be sent out saying look in your stockings the next day or two . … Santa’s about to visit.

    Another method might be that since our accounts are password protected .. some place inside our accounts a note could be made of what name to look for ?

    I guess I don’t have the answers ….thought I did. But I know its costing programs …. mostly those that don’t pay on time (which hurts them bigtime anyway) … especially those that are months behind … to find a way to let us know we were paid.

    I can’t understand english with foreign accents very well but I could sure get by good enough if I got a phone call saying this is Sally … (and if we didn’t know the aff managers/assist manager’s name we’d sure enough catch on quick enough with a couple of posts from them) … calling and saying payments went out today/ we have addressed your needs ……. hell tell me the red goose has flown the coop … :)

    something so that I can give credit where due and not be accidently punishing programs that had paid but I couldn’t put 2 + 2 together.

    I’m very adamant and fast on the draw when it comes to taking down links of programs that don’t produce or don’t pay. Every other aff should be the same because it’ll stop a lot of non-sense we put up with every single month.

    We get treated like that nephew that lives across the country ….. ya we might get our birthday present but it’ll arrive when it gets there and without notice to look for it other than knowing we are owed.

    Way too many programs don’t pay the dates they claim on their sites …. and I’ve no real problem with it being a little late but my concern is that I’m taking down links to sites that ARE paying but I’m missing the connection.

    many of us have many different programs listed and it truly is a nightmare (at least for me) to figure out wire transfers ….. like I mentioned eco card is rather easy and those programs that pay me thru there … are currently enjoying better exposure even if the money made is similar to that I might have got from a program using wire transfer.

    well I guess i don’t have the answer but surely this bunch of very intelligent affs can figure out a way and then pass it along to these programs that obviously have not ….. probably even bothered to think of a way to notify us or give us some kind of clue are payments are coming in.

    for me … its not hard about the programs that don’t pay. If I think they didn’t …. they get yanked and damn quick.

    But it bugs me like when for instance you enter the thread about Vegas Affs and see about half the people saying they got paid …. and the other half saying not – that I might have taken them down when in fact had been paid.

    No easy answer apparently and I appreciate your very valid points.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)