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    Hello CAP team,

    If you could send this message to your contact of gambling websites that’s could help us.

    Indeed the gambling websites do not make the difference between the player and the affiliate. Just an example : I live in France but if i want create a international website I can’t be registered at 888sport (for example) because the french players are not allowed but i’m not player i just want be an affiliate…

    I show this message : “Important news for players located in France! Unfortunately, due to regulation changes currently taking place in your country, 888sport is no longer able to accept sport bets from players located in France until further notice. Rest assured that your funds are safe and secure and you can withdraw your outstanding balance at any time from the “Cashier”. Also, if you have unsettled bets on your account, you will be able to withdraw any winnings upon bet settlement. If you experience any difficulties accessing your account or withdrawing your funds, you can contact Customer Services by emailing “

    Well if they could fix this problem…

    Other part : Your website CAP is really nice and clear ! Thank you for your work !


    Did you try emailing 888?


    Have the same situation with Betfair.
    My sites are hosted in USA but I am living now in country, which Betfair restrict.
    You can view Betfair site but cannot open account (as player). I guess, perhaps they also do not allow to open affiliate account.
    That’s okay. Betfair is over-crowded, even in numbers of affiliates.
    The other betting exchange BETDAQ do not even allow to see their whole site, and restrict visitors from many countries.
    So, it is completely not possible to view page with affiliate offer.
    If they do not like us, that’s great!. We will choose other great affiliate program.
    Cheers! :baby:


    @Caseym 255730 wrote:

    Did you try emailing 888?

    I didn’t, it was just an example, but imagine if we must contact all websites…


    @boz 255772 wrote:

    I didn’t, it was just an example, but imagine if we must contact all websites…

    Couldn’t you just send a mass email, it would take 5 minutes

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)