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sub-affiliate stats

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    Is there any update on when sub-affiliate stats for absolute poker will be viewable at It seems to be getting later and later. Will it be before this months payment run?



    Still no stats. The platform moved on February 11th – thats nearly two months without stats, or any payments for that time. It looks like we’ll miss out on payments again this month.

    I am presuming that no one can see any sub-affiliate stats at chipleader for absolute (that tracked fine at



    Still absolutely nothing. Please can you address this Marcela. This has gone on for over two months. I have several issues now, and support seem unable (or unwilling) to deal with them.

    On February 11th you moved platforms, from, to Until that time, my earnings were tracking fine. My earnings came from sub-affiliates, and were usually in the $1000-$1800 range per month (only one month was under $1000, and that month was $998). Up until February 11th, everything was fine – earnings still as expected.

    You moved to Chipleader, and nothing showed up in my account. You said that sub-affiliate stats were yet to be added. This seemed to get later and later. They still haven’t been added. I can see a list of referrals on chipleader, but no earnings stats.

    In March, I received payment for $367 – which tallied with the stats on for the first 11 days of the month. In April, I received $227. Given that there are no stats on chipleader (and stats finished on on Feb 11th), I have no idea what this is for. However, I am worried. I am owed money for two thirds of February, and March. I don’t know how much – but I know that it would have been a lot more than $227. For this figure to be correct, my earnings would have magically fallen from an established average over the course of two years to just 14% of what I was earning – from the exact day you switched platforms. See why I am worried? With no way to check stats, I can’t see what is going on, but even so, it is clear that something has gone very wrong.

    Yet, no one seems interested in dealing with this. Why can’t you look at my old account, and check that the correct sub-affiliates have been listed on chipleader. The referral list on chipleader does not seem to correspond to the affiliate IDs on However, I don’t know whether you have changed tracking IDs or suchlike in your system. I need my account checked, and for you to see where this $227 has come from. I also need to know when we will be able to see sub-affiliate stats in chipleader. I have been asking this for the last two months, and nothing seems to have been done. Your support can’t seem to grasp that I am not talking about a new sub-affiliate referral.

    On another note, there is an error when I click on ‘Refer affiliates’ under ‘my referrals’. I have checked in firefox and IE, and it just takes me to this page, where my login details don’t work.

    Therefore I can’t make any new links.

    To summarise:

    I see no stats.
    My earnings seem to have fallen to below 14% of my established earnings over several years, literally from the day you moved platforms.
    I cannot make sub-affiliate referral links.
    I am owed money from February and March.

    I am not the only person to have reported problems with earnings being down, but other peoples posts have not been addressed either. This is causing me a lot of concern and stress right now, hence I have gone into the detail to explain things here to try and get it sorted. I hope you will look into this asap.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)