Sub-affiliate commission payment problems

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    My username in Affclub: gacasino

    During the last two weeks I’ve sent you several emails with the facts of non-payment of my sub-affiliate commissions for several years, but no any actions were taken from AffClub’s side. I received only two small emails which are not concerning this problem.

    I also have a problem with sub-affiliate Tracker ID reports. I hope, managers of AffClub will contact me via email that to solve all my problems, and I won’t have to discuss all my problems on GPWA and CAP forums.

    I’m waiting from you an email with all answers for my questions:
    1) When will you fix my stats especially sub-affiliate commissions reports and sub-affiliate Tracker IDs stats?
    2) When will you process payment of my sub-affiliate commissions, which has not been processed since 2008?


    This thread is being addressed in the resolution forum. Please go here for more details:


    Brooke Cole helped me to contact Richard Clayton.
    My stats at AffClub was fixed. Richard promised me that all my subaffiliate commissions which had not been paid for several years, would be paid soon.

    I want to pay attention of all AffClub affiliates that after my questions to AffClub, this program had changed sub-affiliate commissions from 20% to 15% from September 2010.


    I thought the problems with the payments of my commissions and subaffiliate commissions had been solved, but I had mistaken.
    When in several weeks no commissions were transferred into my PartyCashier account, I had contacted AffClub and asked them to confirm the payment.
    They confirmed that they payment was processed several weeks ago, and my PartyCashier balance was $0.00 because, my current balance was -$35,791 (minus $35,791). I had checked all my stats and found nothing about this balance and why it was equaled to -$37,791, but not to -$100,000 or -$1,000,000.

    Maybe I didn’t notice this stats, and that’s why I sent 3 emails to Richard Clayton from the 14th of October, where I asked him to help me to find this negative balance in my stats. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive his reply. All my emails are ignored, although I regularly receive confirmations about delivery of my emails and that they had been read.

    I hope to receive Richard’s reply or any other manager of AffClub on the CAP forum, and I hope they will explain me where I can see my negative balance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)