Stryyke -Terrible company. Does not pay already 3 months

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    Hi, my name is Aleksey. I am affiliate, my project: and , and more others sites.

    Stryyke does not pay me as affiliate already 3 months.

    Is a sum small only 2682$, you consider, if a company can not pay this sum already 3 months, he stable and reliable?

    Similarly this company changes T&c as will take in head it!
    My players do not get by cashout months and wait. My player Pontorez, cashout waits from May, 8, today 28iyunya. All terms outflowed already a long ago. All players complain me and for me frightful head pain from Stryyke.

    Advise nobody to work with this company

    Would like to ask guidance to ask to understand and take off advertising of this portal, because it disgraces your magnificent and high-quality portal

    Best reg. Aleksey Batishev


    I have heard of them not paying…

    Can you tell me about the T&C comment you made? Did they change T&Cs and which ones?


    @Dominique 206115 wrote:

    I have heard of them not paying…

    good stuff.

    ANOTHER DISREPUTABLE CAP LISTED PROGRAM .. perhaps more proof that these listings are just about the money, as if there was ever any doubt.



    They are – and keep it in mind.

    A paid listing is just that – a paid listing. It is not a recommendation, and we affiliates have to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

    This is Stryyke’s forum – it is paid for by them so they can sort things with their affiliates.

    And that is hopefully what will happen here.

    But whatever happens, we will all be the smarter for it. :hattip:


    @Dominique 206126 wrote:

    A paid listing is just that – a paid listing. It is not a recommendation, and we affiliates have to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

    THAT’S TRUE – but that’s not to let the forum off the hook.

    FFS – I don’t list programs on my sites that I would not play in – I check them out first.

    I’m sure that both of you (Alex and Dominique) have a similar level of requirement before including programs on your sites.

    Describing an program as a “paid listing” should not mean that any old dross is allowed to remain unchecked and unmonitored. Does it ?


    IMO that depends on the nature of the site, and full disclosure of that.

    On my site, we screen painfully meticulously. It’s what makes that site what it is.

    Other sites are directories, like phone books if you will. Their point is to list everyone possible, and they don’t exclude Joe the plummer because he is always late, charges too much and leaves a godawful mess behind. He gets listed because he has a phone.

    Both sites have merit, but it is important that the type of site be transparent, so everyone knows what to expect.

    I think with CAP’s past of certifications, it’s probably a good idea to avoid this issue for a time at least, and make it perfectly clear that it is building a directory and contact place, and not making recommendations.

    We have AGD to help us seperate the wheat from the chaff by evaluating T&Cs. No point trying to copy that, it’s being taken care of very well by AGD. Hopefully we can arrange for AGD presence here again at some point.

    Player complaints are being sorted at Casinomeister. It would serve affs well to keep an eye there, also.

    At this time, being listed at CAP merely means that there is an aff program in place, and that they want to make themselves available to affiliates at CAP for questions.

    But this is really for another thread, please feel free to open one if you like. This one is about Kazak’s issues with Stryyke…


    So, CAP, which does give out certificates and advertise dishonest offices, will do nothing, for that what though as to press on? And will continue and farther to attract players and affiliates on Stryyke, what those had problems?

    Such policy at CAP? Only money, and does not quality matter?

    Do you can to contact with guidance of Stryyke and ask, what they simply commented on this situation on your forum (in the special a branch which they paid for) ?


    CAP doesn’t give out any certificates.

    The only thing a listing means is that a program has a forum here where they can answer your questions and try to resolve issues.

    Apparently Stryyke isn’t answering. What’s the point of having a forum when you don’t use it, I wonder.


    Hey Everyone,

    Florian has been out on holiday when this thread was posted. He has informed me that he will address it as soon as possible. We are working with Stryyke to help get this resolved.




    I will be very much rad, if you will help me and my to the players, in the decision of question with Stryyke


    Sorry for not responding since a few days but i was on holiday until tuesday. And as i am the casino manager i had to get in touch with our poker and affiliate managers to be up to date. What they told me:
    Concerning the payment: The transfer to your account is done and the player payout is en route.
    Explanation: We had have some serious cases of fraud with other russian affiliates and players and had to make some deeper security investigations. That took some time and all the payouts to russian players and affiliates had been frozen for a while. We are really sorry for that inconvenience caused. We are aware of the fact that this investigation took too much time in this special case and promise improvement.
    The casinomeister warning is based on these mentioned cases of fraud and on some other complains we havent got any details for weeks from casinomeister. So it is hard for us to solve these reproaches.
    Concerning the T&C changes: We havent changed our T&c within the last weeks.
    I am not aware of having any problems with the casino channel, casino affiliates or casino players. If you have any concerns or complains regarding this channel i will answer your questions within a business day.
    Best regards Florian


    I am glad that you answered. Today I transferred some money, but my player yet. You well know how me and my players. I work with you more than a year, as a player you have played for about 7 months and 2 months of which he was awaiting a cashout. What do you say to this?

    Tell me the exact date when my player will take the money. Until that date, I will wait, but after that I will write to your new poker network Cake.

    For details, you can learn from Abel, I have already talked with him.

    Hi Kazak!
    Your affiliate payments should be settled now. Please confirm that. I have talked to Abel and he told me the transfers to your players are en route as well.
    Pls tell me the playernames if there are still some people not paid yet and i will care about thaem on my own.
    I can just excuse myself again for waiting such a long time.
    Please refresh the forum entries if this issue is solved. You can also conatct me via
    Best Florian


    I have written the answer to mail Abel.

    While, I do not wish to write here everything, but I hope all will manage also to me it will not be necessary to do it.


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    Player: WerZahar 1500$ , 19 may

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