Steer Clear of Netplay Affiliates

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    Netplay affiliates could quite possibly be the biggest scamming affiliate program I know of.* I have never promoted a more incompetent company and outright disgrace to the affiliate industry.

    I started when Jason was the affiliate manager and things were great. I had 2 accounts. 1 i used for emailing the other i used for website traffic. I was paid on time, made good money. Jason quit and they hired these other 2 “managers”.*

    Netplays current affiliate managers are Jonathan Sanger and Vincent Brown. *Things were going fine at first but then Jonathan asked me to switch an emailer I was using “due to a request by the compliance department”. I always had the emailers created for me and the links were always in place an attached to my account. So I checked with Jonathan to make sure it was linked to me and was assured that my tracking info was all correct in the emailer. Turns out it was someone else account tracking info!! I was told it was a dormant account but they couldn’t give me access to it so I could see results from my emailing, don’t worry though they will tell me every month how much money i earned…TRUST THEM! *Then Jonathan stopped answering all emails, Skype etc. Then I start receiving emails saying players failed to qualify! *lolol uh huh.* He would not reply to my emails or my skypes.

    I asked to be switched to a different Aff Manager an so I meet Vincent Brown. Vincent then asks me to send this new emailer for him. Vincent tells me that he has the links perfect they are mine etc no problems! *I stupidly trust him!! *Again, links were to someone else account. So I am now promoting the site to my players for someone else. I now have 4 accounts and 2 of them I am unable to see the stat info.

    I email the CEO Bjarke Larsen and Mike Stokes the Accounting Manager explaining the situation, never heard a word from either of them. Vincent keeps telling me he is just the “tube of information” but not to worry cause he wouldn’t work for a company that steals. Trust him he says!!

    Emails kept coming through saying my players failed to qualify. The company was supposedly audited and if a player doesn’t provide their personal info within 48-72 hours then they have to refund the players money and close the account. Never happened before on any of my other accounts…SUSPICIOUS!

    Vincent then tells me that they need to change the affiliate deal I previously had. *Wanted to switch from a 250 GBP to a 50 GBP and a 40% rev share-hybrid deal. I agree. *My website affiliate account starts making good money. Vincent tells me-(emails me) stating they owe me 2k GBP. Even sends me a excel sheet with money owed! I wait over a* month and still no payment so i ask whats going on. AGAIN I email Mike Stokes and Bjarke Larsen AGAIN no reply.

    This Mike Stokes clown sends a email to Jonathan and Vincent (they forwarded it to me) asking if either of them had told me that I am not getting paid the Rev share.* They only owe me the 50 GBP cpa. NO rev share! *Even though it is all agreed to in writing.

    I email again to the CEO Bjarke Larsen and Mike Stokes. *This is now the 3rd or 4th time I have emailed them and yet no reply, ever.* Monies outstanding over 2 months now. *As a former manager, affiliate manager and business owner… pretty sad!

    They plan on being in Berlin for the Oct 20-Oct 23, 2016 affiliate convention. I was a top 10 affiliate with that company and I have the stats to prove it and all correspondence between Jonathan Sanger and Vincent Brown to prove every word I say is true. If they will screw over a top 10 affiliate how do you think others will fare? *

    Steer clear is best advice I can give you.


    Thanks for the post. I will steer clear of them.

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