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StarPartner Sever Down!

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    Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know that our affiliate program’s server has been having over-heating
    issues due to one of the fans that has stopped working. HP can only get to repairing
    it in the morning.

    But I can assure that even though the server is all player is being recorded on our side,
    and once the server is back up and running it will be replicated into Star Partner.’



    I’ve sent you emails, I’ve sent PM’s and still no response from you. The least you can do is answer me.

    Why am I being ignored. You know that he problem I am addressing is completely Star Partner responsibility, not mine.

    Please, no more drama!!



    Hi Amateur,

    I have responded to your emails, I sent through two replies giving you reassurances
    That our laywers are busy dealing with Getty. I have’nt as yet had the opportunity to
    Respond to your PM as our internet is currently down.

    I will forward both repsonses to you the moment that we are back up and running. I am responding
    To you from my BlackBerry at the moment.


    Hi Conrad,

    I haven’t had anything come thru. Did they bounce back to you?

    I’d like to stay updated on this.




    Don’t know what is going on but, if I can help, please pm me.

    more4me;198856 wrote:

    Don’t know what is going on but, if I can help, please pm me.

    Thanks for the offer :), the dang motherboard blew and the guys from HP
    has to wait for a replacement. I’ll definitely take rain check on your offer,
    you just never know when I might need some help.


    well i have mt stat is frozzing for the last 4 days on the same no’ but still no responde!!i do hope that will fix it!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)