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Slots Competition Schedule Code added into CPS

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    Hi all,

    Here is a fantastic tool for you which is guaranteed to attract the slots lovers on your site!

    Just released is a Dynamic Slots Tournament Scheduler notifying players of the popular in-house slots competitions available within our brands.

    Just insert the piece of code provided in your CPS account into a great position on your website and watch your conversions increase.

    This is an exciting, new, and different way of assisting you to acquire more players to our brands, and even better is the fact that it is dynamically updated by us here at CPS.

    As we add new slots competitions, they will update on your site with a countdown timer to the start of the next competition. How easy is that!?

    To access your Slots Tournament Scheduler Code, simply:

    Log in to CPS
    Choose ‘Marketing Tools’ from the top menu
    Choose the Casino/s you would like to promote from our group
    Choose ‘Promotions’ from the Drop down menu under ‘Creative Type’
    Copy the code provided and paste it into your website where you know your customers will see it easily.
    Note: you can also click on View Promotion to see a copy of what will be on your website.

    Don’t forget, Golden Reef, Music Hall, Challenge and UK Casino Club have all had new creative recently added into CPS. So please update your websites to ensure your customers are seeing the latest range of eye catching creative.

    New Things
    I will soon be providing you all with another exciting affiliate tool in the form of a “Jackpot Predictor” which will also help attract those Slots lovers on your site.

    As always, if you have any questions or need help with anything, please contact me at any time!

    My job here is done :smoker: .. well for today anyway :-)
    Best Regards
    CPS Jon


    Very cool Jon! :thumbsup:

    I added the slots tournament scheduler to all of my CPS casino reviews. :bigsmile:


    Thanks for the nice feedback Engineer

    “It’s officially a Hit”:cheers:

    So anyone who hasn’t yet slotted (pun not intended :-) the Tourney code into their websites, please don’t forget to do so this weekend.

    This new feature has only been released for a few days and already it is proving be a be worthy conversion tool, worth its weight in signups :-)

    Players like to see something different and this certainly is!

    Best of luck and as per always, contact me for any questions.



    Way cool, Jon!


    It’s very neat. I just incorporated into a couple of sites. I’d like to see a text feed at some stage Jon if possible so I can format it my way as the size of the box limits where I can place it. Just one to think about :)




    Hi any way to make this feed smaller ,



    Thanks Dom, Simmo and the27offsuit. Your feedback is appreciated :hattip:

    Simmo/the27offsuit, I’ll work on getting that done and also maybe a few smaller versions or something in a 468 x 60. Basically in a few different shapes and sizes to suit.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)