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slotland and freegames

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    You know what I wish? I wish slotland’s freeslot game was more like their real slot games.

    I don’t send anyone to the, just because I don’t want people to think that the real money games on slotland are that lame – spinning teeth, et al. :p

    I doubt the conversion from free play to real games is as good as it could be were slotland to offer their actual slots, video poker and blackjack for practice play.

    Is there a good marketing reason that Slotland doesn’t do this? Does the market research tell them not to, or what?


    I’ve sent considerable traffic to free slot over the last six months and never seen a conversion from it yet.


    Yes, we don’t provide free gaming. This is the part of our global strategy.

    There are two ways how to look on free gaming and both are right in my opinion:

    1. Free games cause that considerable amount of players play just for fun – for free.

    2. Free games allow significant amount of players try the games and then decide if they will convert to real players.

    Lot of our players spend a small amount of money due to their financial situation. These players would started to play only for free once we would allowed that.
    Also, lot of players that are interested in real gaming tries our games just once and go out: these players wouldn’t spent any cent if they could play for free at first.



    I’ve noticed (I suppose we all have) that free players are not who we want to target for the reasons you stated, Hannah.



    Thanks Fergie! :)

    Yes, WE as a casino as well as YOU as the webmasters do this business for the money. And the money goes from REAL PLAYERS.

    I believe that free games as well as huge bonuses generates more the ‘free players’ and ‘low players expenses’ than higher profit. You can see in many casinos that they wagering requirements start from 15x which nearly dissalow the players to cash out the winnigs! This situation has been caused by casinos themselves – by their fight for the short-time profit from huge bonuses offer. This bonuses hunt for the players has spoilt the players and show them the chance playing online for free or with short expenses.

    We do not participate in this XXXL% bonuses hunt and we keep the wagering requirements as low as possible. Except of the 8xtimes for the 100% registration bonus, we keep 1xtime for the rest of the standard bonuses. However we plan to increase some promotional bonuses + increase its wagering requirements also to 8x, this will be only once a month.

    More details about New Slotland Bonuses program will be released soon! :-)

    Have a great day!

    Yours, Hannah :)


    Hi Hannah,

    It’s nice to see you post on here, and I agree entirely with your statement. With most of my new websites I dont even bother mentionning anything about free chips. The only players concerned about this are the ones who jump from one casino to another.

    When it comes to free games the same applies. If a person is looking to play for free, odds are they wont be making that jump from free to real. It makes more sense to target real players.



    Hello Antoine,

    Nice to see you here :) I hope you are doing well! I am glad that you – as one of our best webmasters, have the same opinion like we do.

    It is the truth, that our biggest webmasters already found, that people are not silly – they know what they are looking for and webmasters should offer it:

    – really cool online games!
    – really professional service around (support, billing, etc.) so they would felt like in the real land based casino!
    – really good odds
    – possibility to cash out the winnings without annoying rules (hard wagering requirements)
    – fast delivery of their payments (checks, Neteller, etc.)

    + as a special bonus: nice bonuses, interesting promotions and special compensations!

    This have to be offered on the ‘gold plate’ under the players noses by:

    – visible text links on the top of the page (short leading to the page with the full review, longer text links leading directly to Slotland)
    – review with attractive Title on the top of the pages
    + some banners….

    Most effective promotion at these days are consisting from the text links and reviews!

    I hope that my repeating of what you all already know, wasn’t boring too much .. ;)

    Best regards,

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)