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Site Build It!/

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    Hi Everyone,

    Been viewing this site for sometime now and finally spent some time looking at this program.
    My question is, does anyone on here have any experience with Site Build It! and if so was it good, bad etc?

    I’m very much a novice so any advice on them would be very appreciated.



    Good question!
    I have received good feedback about Site Build it from Retail Affiliates, but I havent heard many comments from gaming affiliates…


    Actually I have built a couple of online gambling websites with and definitely would recommend them to anyone. If you are able to commit the time and to do the job right you should be successful with building an online gambling website with

    This is one I started at Christmas and it sits at 950,000 (below) according to alexa, I am doing everything as how they say to with Sitesell which means doing the job right if you expect to be successful. One successful online gambling website that has been built through is the built by Tony Frank from Ontario, Canada. Prior to the UIGEA Tony Frank’s site ranked at 110,000 but since the changes is at 380,000.


    Not a customer with them yet, but I think that the supply/demand keyword tool and the SEO advice worth the price.


    Some of my sites are receiving a lot of hits from this Site Build It thing. As if someone is coming to my site through the Site Build It interface or something.

    Does anyone know why that would be?


    I’ve chosen to learn to use Joomla instead. Been playing with it these last few days it’s it’s amazing fun. I should get out more:sarcasm:


    I have never used SBI before but I have heard great things from the customers. I am an affiliate for SBI and the refund rate is extremely low and the retention is great. I am still earning commissions from users that I referred 2 years ago.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)