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Sick of Obama

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    Well, here we are 6 months into his presidency, spent more money than George Bush did in 8 years, unemployment at almost 10% and a failed stimulus package.

    Who is still buying this crap? This “stimulus” sure hasn’t made me want to go out and buy things and improve the economy. Not to mention making the country broke, poor and unemployed. Obama is quickly becoming the worst president ever, along the likes of Jimmy Carter.

    The description of this forum should be: “Discuss how we can rid the US of Democratic Left Wing Extremists that are destroying and bankrupting OUR country

    Who wishes a conservative republican like Bush was in office now?


    Unemployment is due to the financial crysis which started well before he came to office. And the money he spent went to saving jobs such as GM. And GM seemes to be recovering.I am not a US citizen but I think Obama ranks up there with Clinton.


    I’m neither pro or anti Barrack Obama … But it strikes me that you could not say the same thing regarding your attitude to the incoming president.

    You disliked him on sight – you disliked him when he was elected – and you still dislike him now.

    Indeed, based on your political leanings and posts there was nothing that Barack Obama could have possibly done during his six month spell in charge that would have reduced the bitterness you felt on the night when he was elected … am I right?

    Even though it’s clear that the new president has a far greater grasp on financial events and world affairs than George W. Bush – that’s irrelevant because he’s a democrat – so you’ll take your dislike of this president to the grave no matter what happens.

    So there is no debate here is there?


    Well he promised the stimulus would have immediate effects and unemployment wouldn’t go higher than 8%, it basically had 0 effect and now unemployment is almost 10%.

    Bush has been gone for 6 months so Obama has to take responsibility for what he’s doing. I don’t buy the whole story that anything wrong that happens while Obama is in office is automatically “inherited” from Bush. Basically Obama took what was initially just a bad recession and made it into a a major recession.

    Gooner, he’s spending almost 10 times your national GPD in just the first 6 months, you would think that would have done SOMETHING by now. Not to mention his extreme liberal spending spree of “trillion dollar deficits for years to come”

    Then he lies on many of his keynote campaign promises (I knew he would do this long before he got elected). If McCain was in there, he would have balanced the budget so there would be zero deficit.

    Really, W Bush isn’t as bad as people think, it’s just the democratic / Nancy Pelosi biased media who portrayed him so badly so we could get some dumb liberal spender in office.

    Magent, Clinton seemed so good because he taxed the hell out of the country to pay for the debt, so this had no effect on you (because you aren’t a US citizen). Plus you forget that Clinton was one of the few US presidents who was impeached. Even George W Bush wasn’t impeached.


    George Bush is a total wanker, the world is better off with that prick spending his time twiddling his thumbs at home.

    You can’t fix all Georges crap in six months. USA needs a miracle not another Texan Gun-slinger.


    I don’t want to go into a debate here or anything but I would just like to say. You would be supriced as to how you electing a president for your country influences a country such as my own.

    But other than that I am not going to comment any more, there is a sea of litterature and facts to learn before I could have a fair debate regarding it. Still, in my opinion, Obama is one of the better presidents lately.


    LOL, can’t compare Bush with Obama and Clinton…. they are in different leagues altogether

    The economy is bad not because of Obama but due to the effect of the global recession. The situation would have been the same with Bush or even worse. Give him some time and I am sure he will get in positive changes.

    Satya;207359 wrote:
    the effect of the global recession. .



    Come on, no one that says anything anti-Barack Obama can be expected to get more than derision. Of course, people forget that the very first major moves he made — bailing out the banks and ordering a secret strike in Pakistan — are totally against the wishes of the GREAT majority of VOTING Americans (some polls showed 95% opposition to any sort of bailout), and yet this was completely forgotten overnight.

    Those anti Obamanation can do nothing but bide time for the next 7.5 years all the while suffering the lame excuses so-called liberals will come up with to vote for this guy in 2012.



    Who would have guessed lol. Bigger gov, less choices, higher taxes. weeeeeeee :) You got exactly what the people wanted, Change.. just hope some day we can change it back.

    From my best friend Joe.. “We need to spend more money so we dont go bankrupt”


    So much for “change”. When something is working fine, you aren’t supposed to change it. I knew from the beginning that much of Obama’s plans were unrealistic. Spending trillions of dollars over-budget is irresponsible.

    It’s a lot like some kid going out and maxing the credit cards without thinking about how much work it is actually going to take to produce a trillion dollars to pay it off. Times were much better when Bush was around.

    Magent, you are exactly right, Obama is going to effect your country as well. If we go bankrupt, the whole world is going to collapse with us. Even China is becoming weary about lending us any more money because Obama is too “liberal” in his spending and many people don’t realize how dangerous that is. It’s far more dangerous than the Iraq war or 9/11, especially if he continues to spend and spend with absolutely no sign of improving the economy.

    Luckily his approval rating is starting to fall and people will realize we need GOP congress back in 2010 to balance the budget responsibly.


    Plus Obama had 6 months to do anything. He has done absolutely nothing in that time except drive unemployment, taxes and the deficit sky high and hasn’t done a blasted thing about Iran or North Korea militarily OR diplomatically. Absolutely nothing.

    The whole thing will cost $24 Trillion because of Obama and his stupid bank bailouts.


    I don’t know much about US politics, but hasn’t he also done more for the environment than Bush would ever have done?

    Seen from a European point of view, he has also changed the atmosphere/the mood of the world. Maybe we can make it a better and more peaceful world after all…

    These things are of course much more difficult to measure, but nevertheless perhaps more important than trillions of billions etc…


    economically 6 months is nothing.


    Yeah we have 3rd world nations mocking us now lol.. nice..

    He is not helping the enviroment, he is raising taxes at an astonishing rate with cap and trade, the effect on the enviroment is near 0 by mutiple studies. Oh and people are finally relizing global warming was a complete scam to begin with finally.

    His base policy to spend money to get out of debt defies common sense, and has never worked in recorded history, although its tried many times.

    Dont get me wron these republicans are just as bad, they just dont wipe out the country as fast as this guy along with congress.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)