Shady Operation. must be de-Certified

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    This is getting serious. They owe me over $3500 that go back to June.
    first they ask me to wait then they say they sent my commission to wrong affiliate (total BS) and now they are asking to wait again?!

    It seems I am not the only one they are not paying to…
    What kind of operation is this? very shady!
    Makes me think how they got certified by CAP.
    hey Professor… what is needed to get a program de-Certified?
    Maybe the CAP seal of approval should be removed before other affiliates fall in that trap.



    In all honesty… I have no clue why they are accredited here.
    Affiliates and players are getting screwed on a continous basis but the programm still gets support by CAP…/

    I would be surprised if Nicholas gets paid himself.

    Mac07, why did you promote this junkhole though? It’s people like you that keep them alive!


    Tribun. Don’t blame the victim.
    Over 8 years in the business I have never had a problem with any program (knock on wood). I wanted to try an RTG based program. I visited GamblingWages, I saw the “Certified by CAP” button at the bottom of each page. I thought “Hey if they are certified by CAP then they should be good people”… NOW I know.

    Professor… Seriously, this affiliate-trap must be removed from CAP.


    Hi Max07,

    I sincerely apologize for this delay. We are sorting it out and as I promised it will be sorted out this month.

    Your other commissions have been sent, on time. I understand your frustration though.

    @ Tribun, that player is being paid, he never said he wasn’t. And affiliates are also being paid, Max07 case is due to a mistaken payout. In any affiliate program this will cause a delay, but normal payouts are going out and have been regularly. If you look at player issues, they are due to late payout, not non-payout.

    Kind Regards,
    Nicolas Johnson


    Nicolas. This is what you said last month!
    you only sent me commission for october.
    You keep stalling for the commission June-September.
    Why should I wait more? No excuse!


    Hi Max07,

    Accounting has finished processing that erroneous payment. It really was sent; you even had a tracking number for it. The issue was it went to the wrong address. This is a very uncommon issue. Your payouts for months after were all sent on time and this missed one has been resent and I should have a tracking number for this very soon.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.


    For the record I will say that I think you guys are improving very much. Keep up the good work and thank you for paying me when you said you were ;)
    Merry xmas

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