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Seoquake 2.0

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    Seoquake 2.0 Official release

    Now extension is:
    – fully customizable (system of plug-ins and parameters invented)
    – works faster
    – works with list of URLs
    – more informative and flexible (density page and work with SERP)

    Serious changes have concerned ideology of extension’s work.
    Completely advanced, Second version Seoquake has as a result turned out.
    Thanks everyone who helped us discussions and advice. Joint efforts, for 11 months we have made a product which has exceed on functionality and convenience of work all extensions in the same class.
    So, about Seoquake 2.0:

    The Platform of extension:
    Now it is a platform which you can manage and change yourself.

    1. Parameters
    The Revolutionary innovation: Parameters Section – there was an opportunity most to add and edit parameters by means of regular expressions. This option allows you “to custom” any Search Parameters under your specific targets

    For example it’s possible:
    – to adjust the Links to regional Search Engines (, and etc.)
    – to adjust parameters so, that at inquiry the head page of a site, instead of the given web-address would be fulfilled
    – It is possible to adjust search in catalogues and popular sites (for example, Yahoo catalogue Overture and etc)
    The most important idea: now you may easy modify any parameters for your own tasks.

    Seoquake site now has section with popular parameters. You may simply download them from the site. Now this section consist about 50 popular and useful parameters (include parameters for working with our other products and
    Own parameters building allows you:
    – to work only with needed blocks and save traffic and Browser loading
    – we work hard to develop useful blocks for working with all popular sites, social nets and etc. So this section is renewed regularly
    – if you made you own interesting parameter and have a wish to share it with SEO webmasters you may simply send it to us and we public it

    2. Plug-ins
    Very often webmasters ask us to add in Seoquake an opportunity of work with regional Search Engines, with large sites or a social networks. Webmasters want to see all Search Parameters under the each URL on the page. It should looks like work with Google SERP for example.
    Now it’s possible with Seoquake plug-ins.
    In the base version Seoquake 2.0 the basic search Engines are accessible to the analysis: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

    If it is necessary for you to work with other Search Machines or popular sites, you can easily upload the necessary plug-in from repository (see plug-ins section).
    Plug-ins are now accessible to work with:
    Yandex, Rambler, Webalta, Baidu, Ask,, TechnoRati and
    In the near future we are going to develop and public in repository plug-ins for work with:
    – Social networks
    – Regional search systems

    This system again allows you to save traffic and Browser loading.

    3. Work with the list of URL
    Under numerous requests has appeared an opportunity to investigate list of URL.
    In the menu-> “check links” you can add the list of URLs, and Seoquake will give out the report on all parameters in the form of the table. There is an opportunity of sorting, interrogation of parameters by inquiry and etc. All useful options are kept a life.
    This feature is very nice for small SEO researches.

    4. Density
    The format of the pages given by inquiry “density” and “links info” has changed. Now it’s more informative
    You can see information about keywords found in HTML tags, density of keyphrases and more.
    Also now you may use filters for keywords and keyphrases.
    And one more useful option: Density page has “keyword frequency cloud” now!

    5. Work with SERP
    At work in a mode “by request” has appeared an opportunity:
    – You may interrogate all Search parameters for ONE URL in SERP
    – To interrogate ONE Search Parameter for ALL URLs in SERP.
    – To interrogate the Search Parameter in the contextual menu
    All these options allows to save the traffic

    6 Speed of work

    Actually all of functions have been optimized; it has been made for increasing essentially convenience, functionality and speed of Seoquake work.

    2.0 Version has been officially added to Mozilla:

    We are open for discussions and suggestions. If you have any comments or questions let’s discuss it here.


    not a bad wee app.


    Seoquake version 2.0.11
    Backlinks to your site crawled by MSN are available again!
    We have updated SeoQuake’s plug-in for MSN, and now you can also check your backlinks on MSN.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)