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sell me your gambling .com’s

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    hi there,

    looking to purchase a few gambling, slots, casinos, sportsbook, horse racing related domains.

    only after .com’s, and having a domain age of 2+ years.

    please pm me. no time wasters.



    2 years old


    -> Nearly FIVE years old domain 1739 days

    -> Google PageRank 3

    -> Always had some sort of placemat page on it

    -> Gambling in the name (15chars long)

    -> Brandable name

    -> Was a deleted domain, but when I snapped it was before any penalities were being assesed to deleted domain registrations.

    -> Still has old links in it

    Also have :

    -> 2039 days old

    -> Google Page Rank 1

    -> Always had some sort of placemat page on it

    -> Brandable name

    -> Another deleted name so old that I was never penalized. This was in a period of time when I purchased another top ranking (currently) site that was deleted, it was a police officer site. it currently ranks VERY well top 5 for casino reviews, online casino review, etc… my point in telling you this is simply that the domains are old enough where deleted domains didnt used to get penalized

    Anyone is welcome to PM me for details… I would rather have some links from high quality sites than money…. let me know !


    Hi Kar:

    I have a partially done poker site that has been up online since Jan, 2006.
    Never finished the site as I didn’t have the time.

    No PR as there are no links pointing to it, but google has indexed what is there.

    Poker in the URL very short name, no hypens.

    Let me know if you are interested.



    This “guy” Paid A Tiny Sum For My Pr5 Domain And Then Sucked Down My Entire Web Site And Then Claimed That For $300 He Thought That The Sale Was For The Web Site As Well As The Domain. His Emails Verify “without” Any Doubt That He Knew Extremely Well That The Sale Was Only For The Domain. No One And Certainly Not I Would Sell An Entire Web Site, A Pr5 With 1000 Plus Backlinks For $300. On Top Of That He Linked His Web Site To Apple – Yes Apple’s Home Page

    Stay Clear Of Kar Or You Will Get Burned!

    Same Post In “content Thieves And All Other Gambling Forums


    You sound like your just pissed because you sold your site that cheap!! Did you get in writing what you were selling, make a contract or make it known exactly what you were selling? Can’t blame others when you did not cover your own azz and make it clear on what you were selling.


    Your backlinks are no good without the domain…

    I agree the site was worth more. I would have paid more for just that site.

    Selling a domain without the attached site is not normally done, so maybe he really didn’t know?


    Gambleon, you submitted the same post twice here, which can happen.

    I did however remove the triplicate post you had in another forum.

    Please stick to one thread per issue, otherwise it’s considered :spam: .

    I have never heard of a domain being sold without the attached site, it’s a lose-lose proposition. Selling a domain + site without the aff accounts, yes, that’s done a lot.

    But not the domain without the site, it seriously hurts the domain.

    Besides, doesn’t look at all like the site I was looking at, the site you sold.


    Registered in 2000, make me an offer on, a very brandable name, :3eyes:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)