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see what happens to non-payers

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    some of you might remember I had mentioned about how Quicksilver casino had owed me over $10K and how that I was hopeful I had been a big part in why they went out of business.

    well I just found this return link from Google, or yahoo, anyway this is what happens to casinos that don’t pay or that basically want to get on my bad side.

    ( I guess not too many other places have much to say about this place one way or the other, because I sure can’t get this kind of ranking for “online casino” ).

    these are the top 5 listings returned for the keyword “Sunrise Poker”. #4 #5 #6 are mine. *the last three links you see


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    Web Images Directory Yellow Pages News ProductsTOP 20 WEB RESULTS out of about 97,200. Search took 0.07 seconds. (What’s this?)
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    Sunrise Poker


    Anybody need a SEO ?


    this page wasn’t created to “go after” sunrise poker like I have some other places that deserved it without question.

    It merely exists in truth. I’m afraid to recommend you guys right now.

    if anybody from Sunrise cares to contact me about these pages, feel free.

    They’ve had some really strange shit going on over there and to much of it I was witness. But I’ll admit that they did eventually pay every person that I had to contact them about – with the exception of that one time when the Lady that contacted about not getting paid / credit for the hand that she claims she won (and I believe her), and that when she came back (she’d been kicked out just at the end of hand) … that had not been given credit for the hand (about $300 to $500 if memory serves… a nice chunk anyway)
    and so anyway…. I used her username / password (Thank God nothing bad happened to her money right after that – as I worried like crap that it might and that it would look like I did something – another reason you want to be damn careful about what you do and don’t do on the net, it could easily be turned around on you) …. so I entered and went to their records area and guess what ?

    their records showed only half the hand and then just stopped.

    so an so bets $50
    x and x folds

    start game XXXXXXXX

    it just ended, nobody won.

    I do know eventually they either paid her what came out of her account, or the entire win, I can’t remember for sure.
    that was really strange.

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