RummyRoyal Now Offering Affiliates $100 Per New Player

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    In just five months, RummyRoyal has become one of the Internet’s most popular websites for online multiplayer Rummy games. Due to the overwhelming success of the website, members of the Rummy Affiliates program can now earn $100 or more through the company’s new Cost Per Acquisition sale program.

    Nicosia, Cyprus (PRWEB) December 5, 2007 – RummyRoyal, the world’s first online multiplayer Rummy game, launched just five months ago and has since become an overnight success. To celebrate their achievement, RM Royal Media LTD, the owners of RummyRoyal, are sharing profits with their affiliates by creating innovative new referral programs. RummyAffiliates’ new Cost Per Acquisition sale program now guarantees affiliates $100 or more for players that register for RummyRoyal.

    RummyAffiliates ( offers website and mailing list owners a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of the world’s third most popular card game and earn substantial commissions. When players visit RummyRoyal and register to play for real money through an affiliates’ website or mailing list, affiliates can earn $100 or more through the company’s new Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) sale program. Becoming an affiliate is free and the website’s sophisticated technology guarantees the accuracy of all online transactions. As an added bonus, affiliates can even track statistics and earnings in real time.

    RummyRoyal gives affiliates the opportunity to harness the earning potential of a game played by 27 million US players offline. The website offers several popular variations of the game including Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Kalooki, and traditional Rummy. New players can download the software from the easy-to-use website to play with family and friends, or players from all over the world. The website welcomes both novice and experienced players to play for free or for real money.

    To help affiliates maximize earning potential, RummyAffiliates offers several free marketing tools to promote the brand and expand their referral base. Available marketing tools include banners, HTML mailers, content, tutorials and landing pages. The company also offers customized banners upon request of the affiliate, free of charge.

    To learn more about the Rummy Affiliates new Cost Per Acquisition sale program, visit To learn more about RummyRoyal, or to download the software and begin playing, visit

    About RM Royal Media LTD

    RM Royal Media LTD is based in Nicosia, Cyprus and specializes in creating online, skill-based games utilizing advanced gaming software and technology. RM Royal Media LTD is the sole owner and operator of the popular online multiplayer Rummy website, RummyRoyal (


    wow Cyprus, i was there 3 months.. should have droped by :)
    ill take the 100 :)


    Do you provide CPA model only? How about revenue share model? I don’t know how to play Rummy. But for my knowleage, I would prefer revenue share method which is a bit fair to both all.


    the normal way is rev share of the rake… simillar to poker. :)


    Thanks CasinoTime :hattip:


    I have a quick question… i thought the CPA was good but now i am not sure…

    CPA of 100 USD once rakeback gets to 50 usd

    Could anyone comment on how it works in poker. I dont promote poker…

    Basically should i stick to CPA in this case or rev share?


    Hi Casinotime,

    Good Question.

    A rake system works like this: every player you bring pays a buy-in to sit down in a table or tournament. Around 10% of that buy-in is called a fee. The fee insures that the platform is safe, random and well supported. The accumulative fee from all your players equals rake. You either get a percentage of that rake or a CPA per player that made the threshold.

    For longterm affiliates, revenue share is always more profitable. On average it takes around 3 days for an active player to create $50 of rake – so that is the flag of when your player turns to money.

    Some affiliates simply don’t decide on one payment plan and go for a hybrid deal of both. This should also be something you consider.

    Have a great one,

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