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Rude Aff

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    Hey guys

    Hate to be the first person to post but thought I should warn other aff managers about this aff.

    His name is Adrian Daniel. Country of residence is Trinidad & Tobago.

    I recently caught him spamming another affiliate’s forum. He had been caught doing it on the same forum some time ago. Ryan got in touch with him and made it clear to him that this wasn’t allowed if the affiliate didn’t want it as it is their forum.

    So he has decided to give it another go on the same forum and another new one. I warned the guy that I had suspended his account until he can tell me there will be no more of it but he decided to write back telling me that I need to get my facts straight and that it’s not his fault if other people post his promotions in other forums and that I should check the IP etc..

    I didn’t need to check the IP because the posts were made by someone with the same username as his affiliate account showing a special promotion that he had organised with Yaniv, and of course his aff id was also in the post.

    So anyway he is pretty abusive. Has been abusive to me in IM previously too but this email took the cake.

    Good luck with him.


    This guy is back!

    Just a heads up!


    Geeze you get em all dont ya.

    The only one I had issues with a long time ago was a guy called Shawn Woods. He abused a lot of people on forums and threatend people to join through his links or he will spam their sites and overload them till the sites fail.

    Cant remember the original site but he tried to sell it off after his reputation preceeded him, not sure where he is at now and to be honest I really not mind!



    Yep I get all of them.

    Prolly coz most people think I look like I wouldn’t hurt a fly.. But I can and will. :devil:


    Anywho, back to the drawing board.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)