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    Guys please now i have no patience anymore
    and no understanding, and i do not like that all the Rivals do not admit any mistake on their site.
    So this is why i do post this now here.
    Not only 1 time players reported that they got flagged or their accounts locked at Rival Casinos.
    This happened to myself, as a depositor and now it happened to my moderaor at Pantasia Casino.
    Below you see a copy of her live Chat session,
    I am concerned about players are not willing to come back and ever deposit after such a treatment.
    I suggested some players to e-mail all the Rival Casinos to have this cleared
    and then they got an e-mail that their accounts have been reviewed manual and they are ok again.
    But hey , this cant be the norm……….
    I say many many players will never return!

    Another thing
    Da Vincis Gold /400 Affs , sent me an e-mail …
    $9 free .. just claim your $9 in the cashier.. (I was a depositor there)
    well i logged in ..there was no 9$ free to claim, so i e-mailed to ask whats up with this, Their Reply was !….
    We are sorry but you are not eglibe as you live in the Nehterlands and we had blablabla large number bonus abusers………..
    So………… Why the heck did they send me that e-mail?
    I told them to close my account!

    I am posting this now here due i want to bring this to the point……….
    The players we send you will not last long
    And I am not happy to get post over post on my forum about players being locked out!

    Your Rival Network seems to be a bit to sensitive,
    find another way please or I will stop promoting any of the Rivals!

    Melisa: Welcome to Pantasia’s Live Support. How can I help you?
    sharon s: hello, i got a e-mail today for $7 freebie but it says in the cashier that it cannot be claimed
    sharon stewart:
    Melisa: Please hold one moment.
    sharon s:
    sharon s: ty
    Melisa: It seems security system has flagged your account making you not eligible for bonuses. You can still play at the casino for fun or real, however you are not allowed to claim a bonus at this time. Because I am unable to see the exact cause of this, I will have to send a message to the security department to have them look into this. Once they have reviewed your account, you will be notified through e-mail.
    sharon stewart: oh my…thats not good..i don’t know why it would be flagged
    Melisa: I’m sorry but because I am unable to see the exact cause of this, I will have to send a message to the security department to have them look into this. Once they have reviewed your account, you will be notified through e-mail.
    sharon s: ok. please let them know
    sharon s: ty for your help
    Melisa: Will do
    Melisa: You are very welcome.
    Melisa: Thank you for using Live Support. Should you have any future questions, please contact us again.


    Ohh forgot to say
    mostly those players are then locked out at all Rival Casinos!


    My guess is that the bonus flag comes from the fact that you (or the other player) had a bonus at a different Rival that had not been cleared.

    This has happened to me and that was the final reason. (my account was not locked however) In fact I got offered a Birthday Freebie that I was not allowed to take because I had a bonus that I had not completly played off at a different property. (even though I had already met the wagering requirements of the other bonus, since the account was not clear I couldn’t take another bonus….I had to lose the money left in the account or win enough to get above the withdraw limit so I could clear the account in order to be eligible for a bonus at a different casino)

    I don’t hold this against the property or Rival, but I would like to see the issue fixed.

    I actually had one customer service rep tell me in a chat that this is a very common problem among different Rival Casinos.


    Now if this is not similar to your situation, I apologize for interupting this thread.


    thanks universal
    that could be the issue yeah
    Well Sharon did e-mail Pantasia and now she is ok again……
    as i said already , then they review the account manual and its ok again.
    But this really cant go on so, Many players will just stay away if this dont get fixed among all Rivals.

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