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    I would appreciate a review of my website on a new and unique roulette strategy.

    The purpose of the page is to interest people enough to purchase the one product. Its a single page advert / sales copy site. I just aim to tell people enough about it to get them to want to purchase.

    All the buyers have been delighted and I get very good feedback from them. I’ve only once had to give a refund (which I am happy to do of course in order to make sure I get happy customers).

    The problem is that very few people are buying so would appreciate any opinions on how to increase conversion rate. What price point is most effective?

    Thanks in advance.


    Well I’m not a great fan of this type of site (with my knowledge of the web) it screams to me just another con site and i wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, but that’s not to say other gullible people won’t, and I’m not saying your conning anyone just that i see the same template for all these sites offering ebooks or how to make a million in just a couple of weeks like yea right! oh and just pay me $48 for the info reduced from $999 like yea no problem, but I’m sure if these type of sites work then yours will to as it compares with the best of them.


    Personally, i do not like 1000Km scroll down pages


    Now there is a half naked (I’d say seven eighths naked actually!) on the top of the page… Well, they say sex sells, so I’d like to see if that does the job. Apart from that, I won’t judge the style of site until you say about the results you are brining in (?), but like the other comments, I am also not a fan of these type of sites where it looks like some form of scam…

    But hey, hope it’s going good for ya!! :tongue::wink-wink


    These sites are all over the place on thoose traffic click websites.

    People don’t like them I think, but that is just my opinion.


    Just another e-book selling site….:wink-wink


    Ditto the above really.

    Why not try and break the mold and make a site that would reflect a professional and trustworthy “shop” and reduce the size of the font.

    You have to think about what the customer wants, what if the bit of information they want is towards the bottom of that very long page? Do you think they will read on….?

    Try a different approach and build a site around the product with various sections of information under specific tabs for example. People can be worried about buying online as it is and getting to a site that they may not trust due to the look of it wont do much for sales!

    If you offer a RRP price dont make the sale price too unrealistic otherwise you get the ‘too good to be true’ feeling from the customer and they just head off somewhere else.

    I may be completely wrong of course.


    if it is an ebook how could stock run out?

    PROMOTION price just £10
    until stocks last


    @Chipeez 187159 wrote:

    if it is an ebook how could stock run out?

    Good call.

    Maybe this is the psychology part that makes the customer want to buy it quickly before they all….errrr….sell out?


    If I review your site do I get the “sensational new roulette strategy” for free :-)
    On a serious note I would have to agree with most of the other posters that it looks a bit scammy but it will be interesting to find out how you get on.


    Yes, it looks a bit scammy and yes the stock cant run out on an eBook – but this kind of prose works for an impulse buy. We all think we wouldnt buy on a whim but everyone does it sometimes.


    Wouldn’t it work better to give the ebook for free and living from the casino commission.

    Instead of charing 10$/customer??

    Just an idea to discuss…


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)