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referback – issue

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    aloha prof… i believe there is an issue from the old message board that has not been resolved … or has it? After i saw your warning about the referback program (see below) i minimized their exposure on my sites… is this still an issue to be concerned about? i’m considering promoting some of their casinos again… thanx for your time

    the bvc

    ” Hello All
    Casino Affiliate Programs is issuing an affiliate warning for the Referback program. Two major issues have recently come to light and we advise you place marketing efforts of Referback Casinos on hold until there is a satisfactory resolution.

    Our concerfns are as follows:

    Potential player theft – The Gaming Club Group is operating a casino outside the Referback network that is positioned as a premium club for their players. We believe that Gaming Club is likely marketing to players you may have referred via the Referback Network. At this time we do not believe you will be compensated for any play at this new hidden property. The potential exists that our prime players are being siphoned off to a casino where we earn no revenues!! This would go a long way toward explaining the sudden drops we have all seen in commissions with Referback over the past seven months. The Hidden Casino is Salon Prive We have asked Referback to explain their position on this matter and have not received a response yet. We consider this a VERY serious conflict and are seeking a statement and resolution to the potential problems that this causes.

    Cookies- A respected casino webmaster has examined the code on the casino pages of the Gaming Club and discovered that 10 year cookies are currently being set on player’s browsers. This cookie can lie dormant for long periods of time and marries that potential player to the affiliate that set the ten year cookie. Unfortunately, this creates a huge opportunity for fraud by unsavory webmasters.

    It’s been proven that a number of individuals exploit this loophole and secretly set these cookies by:

    * opening up the casinos in one pixel windows
    * Opening the casino outside the vieiwing area of the browser
    * exit and adult traffic
    * Pop ups and scumware.

    What happens next is the set cookies lie in wait for you to refer a cookie player to the casino. The ten year cookie then hijacks YOUR sale and credits it to the thief!!!!

    Despite solid evidence of this security breach Referback is refusing to modify how their cookie tracking functions. As long as this potential problem exists we are all wasting very valuable traffic and enriching the fraudlent cookie setters. We require a resolution of this problem immediately.”


    i was just going to post something similar. was the issue ever taken care of. if you visit their website and read what they say about cookies to me it doesn’t sound like it has been.

    professor can you clarify? or was this something that should have never been brought up again?


    The official response from Referback was that Salon Prive is currently not operational and is under review for a future launch. If when the launch occurs they have pledged to add it into the Referback stats tracking system.

    For now that issue appears to be on hold.

    The cookies problem is being addressed and a number of modifications have already been put in place. Ultimately I would like to see the duration of the cookies shortened, but I do think Referback is taking steps in the right direction.

    Is everything perfect? No. But they do seem to be more responsive lately and thats a good sign.


    thanx for the answer… it sounded pretty serious at first… but referback seems to have done some good public relations work since

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)