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    I find the following email to me very disturbing. I have, over the past 12 months hardly made any money from RevenueGiants. This month, (last time I checked) I was close to 300USD and climbing quickly. So, for the first time, I am actually making some money from RG, and somehow, all out of the blue I get this email from them:
    This make me very suspicious of them and leave a very bad taste in my mouth.
    Can we explain “dubious activity” please?
    “Temporarily inaccessible” ? How long will that take?
    “timely fashion” ?
    Anyone else see red lights here???
    Dear ******,
    Please note that this is to inform you that your affiliate account is under investigation due to dubious activity and in so would be temporarily inaccessible from your log in.
    This analysis of the account will be done in a timely fashion as to assure that all the details of this issue may be addressed.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We thank you for your patience and understanding towards this matter.
    Affiliate Manager


    Hello Playmore,

    You received the email on 29th of this month, that was 3 days ago why you jump to post this here I don’t understand, but your account is under investigation, if you wish that I will reveal the reasons of the investigation here to all to see I’m happy to do it, unless you wish to keep it private, let me provide you via email the excact reasons why we choose to temporary disable your account. then it will be up to you if you wish to post it to others to see, currently we check all your links and your players further so you shall expect a reply in the next 7 business days.

    you have my email address if you decide to discuss it privatley.

    Regards, Malci


    Thanks for your prompt response.

    I have nothing to hide, please let me know your findings as soon as possible.



    you got it.
    take care, M

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)