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Questions About LinksManager

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    :D 😎

    I’m sure many of you have experienced sites using Linksmanager as the method of coordinating reciprocal link exchanges.

    As this method grows in prominence, I wonder if Google and other top search engines will down play Links Manager….

    I offer this thought for the following reason:

    1. Does Google Consider Links Manager a link farm??

    2. Does Google Consider Links Manager a “hub”…apparently the word around the web is that Google is famous for recognizing and parsing out link/site hubs…The results are negative, of course…which is why many webmasters operating multiple sites have to use different webhosts….

    3. Will Links Manager continue to be a legitimate method of exchanging links, especially in the ultra-competitive field of online casinos?

    Any Thoughts would be greatly appreciated….

    – Brendan


    Excellent question. I was wondering the exact same thing.

    I decided to build my own internal linking system for that very reason, but, of course, that really only helps the people I link to and not me.

    I think there is a reasonable chance that Google might decide to downplay the importance of links originating from LinkManager controlled pages. It would only take a few lines of code in the Google algorithm to make this happen.

    Any other thoughts?



    General tip…

    Look forward. LM is a prime candidate for problems. Google in particular has wiped out a few remotely similar things.

    I’ll also disclose that I just converted one site to LM and I’m planning another. I’m comfortable with that because both make up a reasonably small percentage of my traffic.

    If I only had one site and it was doing reasonably well already, I wouldn’t go with LM. If that’s the case, there’s little reason to be risky. Since I have several, I can deal with a few broken eggs if it turns out that way. Either keep seperate baskets or be very careful, IMO.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)