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    Daddy Cool

    It’s bad when Hollywood Poker has a 0.01% click through to sign up rate.

    It’s bad when the play money to real money signups yield similar results.

    It’s bad when players you know on the account dont count towards rake.

    It’s bad when weird overinflated bonuses are added to the expenses.

    It’s bad when Hollywood poker decided to add predatory terms last year. “Dropped to 20% if an affiliate doesnt get a depositing player for the month” (It would help if they actually counted deposits as depositors)

    It’s bad that after the predatory rule was implemented you cannot get a response to put is down to a flat rate fee – requested it about a dozen times.

    It’s bad that affiliate manager here does not bother responding to PM request.

    It’s bad when staff manipulation forces an affiliate to drop a site like a lead baloon.

    It’s worse when $250 tournament expenses get added to costs when no tournament took place or was requested.

    Welcome to Hollywood Poker!

    The reason I quit promoting them over a year ago. They still get minimal exposure from banners I have forgotton to remove. I still have a laugh looking at the stats:roflmao:


    when you put it this way, it sure does sound questionable.

    the fact of the matter is that even though i dont have much poker traffic, i do get conversions on most sites except for ipoker network and ongame network. go figure…time to delete everything :D

    to del or not to del…that’s my question :hattip:


    its even worse that they havent been able to pay US affiliates in a year

    Daddy Cool
    the27offsuit;151766 wrote:
    its even worse that they havent been able to pay US affiliates in a year

    Yes, that was around the time major cost cutting was put into place. Bonus expenses doubled, whether players were generating rake or not. The 1 player every 2 week rule came into place. That was the time when many of my non american players vanished from the rake contributions.

    I do not consider it a safe or honest program, especially so once the live stats were removed from one of their supposed upgrades.


    First of all let me apologize for the delayed response. I’ve just gotten your PM and notification on these posts recently. We’ve been in London at CAP euro 2K8 for the better part of the last week and as affiliates and fellow managers alike attest, faced serious connectivity issues in and around the venue.

    As such, should any affiliate need to contact us, urgent or otherwise, I urge you to please refer to my profile page where there are links to my direct-line, MSN, BlackBerry Messenger (soon to come) and Skype (soon to come). I’m sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction and, as ever, am here as an advocate of our program dedicated to helping our affiliates optimize their results and revenue from

    Our difficulty in paying US affiliates, as some of you may or may not know, is not a problem exclusive to our program and is a result of our desire to adhere fully to legislative changes as they are put into effect. Having said that, as of February, we are adding new payment options to better serve our US affiliates. Also, as posted on CAP previously, US affiliates facing difficulty and wishing to cash out their earnings while we integrate and test our new payment systems are encouraged to contact us to request wire payment to reconcile their accounts. Email me directly or contact and we’d be happy to process your payments manually. Alternatively, if you wish to leave the money accumulating securely in your account, we will have our solution to US payments fully integrated in February.

    With regards to players not tracking correctly, we are more than capable and happy to look into these players and review their affiliate clicks to ensure they have been tracked correctly. Again, you simply need to contact or myself with a list of players and we can confirm their tracking as well as their status for you.

    With regards to bonus expenses and improving click through to sign-up rates, we’re happy to walk you through our Bonus & Tournament deductions and how they affect your account and, upon request, can work with you on improving conversions.

    You can trust that we’re committed to clear communication and supporting all of our affiliates as we grow our program worldwide, and encourage you to continue to communicate your needs to us so we can assist you as well as you deserve.



    Daddy Cool

    Dont Get Burned by Casino Affiliate Scams

    If you have a website you can earn a substantial amount of money promoting online casinos and sports betting. Unfortunately there are quite a few casinos currently online that regularly rip off their affiliates. We have been burned a number of times and it costs us time and money. If you have had success with a program let us know and more importantly if you have been burned by a casino operator contact usThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can post it and warn others. As fellow webmasters we owe it to each other to point out these scams and save everyone a lot of trouble.

    Things to look for:

    No Real Player Conversions.
    The most prevalent scam. Not everyone who clicks on a banner is going to sign up as a real player. The average conversion ratio is about 1% – 3%. If the conversion ratio for the casino is abnormally low, dump them, you aren’t earning anything with them anyway. We recently sent over 600 visitors to a casino and were credited with one real player sign up, our average is closer to 6% with all other casinos. Needless to say they’re gone, but the real crime is we could have sent them to an honest operator and earned commissions. Don’t fall for this scam.

    The checks never come.
    This is another fun one. The statistics are accurate, you see the clicks credited and watch as your balance due climbs. Since it looks like you’re making money you promote the casino heavily and sales continue to mount. The only problem is they never issue you a check. Usually they don’t respond to your e-mails either. If checks are overdue write the operator and see what’s up. If they ignore you, pull their banners until you receive payment.

    Yes, I was just curious to see weather CAP use the standards they set when assessing their sponsors.

    First Depositors3

    Deposit Amount$695.00
    Poker Revenue$277.33
    Casino Revenue$0.00
    Tournament Expenses$275.00
    Poker Revenue-Share [20 %]$-0.63

    Just by going with the CAP scam guidelines. are they going to warn players about Hollywood poker? I know of several other affiliates who have seen similar results.

    Also what is the new tournament expenses deduction? I certainly wouldnt invest money bringing in new players. This is another new creative deduction.

    The warning signs are there for all to see. The program went downhill a long time ago. I feel if CAP are to be believed as a reliable source of information, they should keep affiliates informed.

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