Question concerning some strange statistics I don’t understand

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    Another question. Hope General Forum is ok.

    In my Rushmore Statistics, there is a line form one new US Player.

    Deposit amount: 90$
    Chargebacks: -400$
    Coupons: 400$
    Revenue -800$

    HELL! :Cry: What happened here? How can he get back 400$ after depositing 90$.
    This is strange, isn’t it???

    Another question: My promotion products are available for 3 weeks now. When I get new players my statistics turn negative, up to -300$ Revenue so far. Is this normal? It’s because of the bonus, isn’t it??

    Thanks, Matthias


    Has no one an idea and can explain me what happened here?




    Is this player the only player who has signed up to Rushmore under your affiliate tag?

    If not, it sounds like it was some other player who had previously deposited was the one who made the chargebacks.

    As far as bonuses, I don’t think it would show up as a negative unless the player won and cashed out. If they played it all back it should be a wash.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)